I was never  fat kid.
I ran in high school. I was active. The weight came fast and furious during a year abroad after high school. Then it yo-yoed up from then until now, 23 years later.

I've never tried diet pills or really even done much of the diet anything. What I've tried is eating healthy and exercise. Biking, running. walking, c25k, adult kickball (really), weights machines free weights, treadmill, steps, all of that.

I've done the replacing white everything with whole grain (which I prefer now), cutting pop, switching from 1% to nonfat milk, going vegetarian, going vegan. You all know, the same things you're doing/have done.

Unless I track what I eat and do, I gain weight. I can't keep up this tracking and depriving thing forever, so I end up regaining. All the way up to 312 lbs.

This is why I decided to check out the surgery option. RNY and sleeve are covered under my plan, so I will get one of those, probably RnY.

I'm married, hope to adopt a kid and want to snowboard next winter. And I want to enjoy life and live longer. I am fine with myself, but I just can't do as much fun stuff as I'd like. And it's difficult to maintain the home and yard without being able to breathe.

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