06/04/04 Hello everyone i am proud to say that i have a date it is June 22,2004. I can not wait to start a new life. I am nervous but excited. I am having the open rny surgery. I just finished my first set of testing which was the stress test. that was a experience but not bad at all. The people there were very nice. i go and have my all day testing june 8, 2004 then my last test before the surgery is june 11, 2004 then off to surgery june 22, 2004. Please have me in your prayers and i am including you into mine. God Bless Geneane Cystrunk


06/09/04 Well I finished my pre testing yea!! they said that all of my testing was very good. my sugar level my sodium, cholestorel, ekg, everything was great. Now i can not wait to get to the recovery stage. Alot of people keep asking me am i nervous or scared. the honest answer is, i am a little nervous but excited not scared. it has not hit me yet, maybe the night before but now i am fine. I am just ready to get the actually surgery over with. well god bless all please keep me in your prayers Geneane


07/04/04 happy 4th of july everyone! I am now 12 days post op and feeling great! I want to thank everyone for their support and caring comments. I have lost 13 pounds in just 5 days. I know that i have lost some more since i have been to the doctors but i do not have a scale so i will have to wait tell then. As soon as i found out how much more i have lost since last wednesday i will let you all know. It is exciting to be on the loser side. And i am very very very blessed to have had a successful surgery. Thank you all again for everything. God bless each and every one of you. love Geneane


07/05/04 hello everyone, I have a little infection in my drainage hole at the bottom of my incision. My doctor is having me clean it 3 to 4 times a day with hydrogen peroxide and stuffing the hole with gauges. I go back to him this wednesday. please pray that everything is alright. I am a little nervous. I just want it to go away. Otherwise everything else is fine. I am getting around really good but not pushing to fast or hard. I will update my profile after i come back from the doctors wednesday. God bless Geneane


08/23/04 Hello everyone, I am sorry that it has been along time since i have updated my profile. I have lost a total of 53 pounds in 4 1/2 weeks then I hit my first plateau. it has been about 4 weeks since i have loss weight but i am lossing inches. my dr told me that it is harder to lose inches then weight so i was happy. I bought me a pair of smaller jeans and the were still TOO BIG. I have no clothes to wear when i return to work but i am happy. LOL I thought i would not be so happy to not have clothes to wear lol. but everything is going fine and i know that my weight lose will pick back up. my body is in shock because of all the weight lose in a short period of time i was too lol. i have not lost that much weight at one time in a long long time if ever lol. But i want to thank you all for your support and prayers. I am glad I am on the loser side. I know that this is kind of off the subject but I have to say something to you all about my fiance'. He is the most wonderful man i have ever meet. He has been though this with me all the way. He really takes care of me not because he feels obligated but because he truly loves me as I love him. Well, I will updated sooner. Keep up the good work everyone we will all reach our goals. In wls and life. Geneane


11/20/04 hello everyone, I am srry that it has been a long time since an update but i have had alot under my belt these last couple of months. I have just gotten married and moved into a new home. Everything is well I have lost 90lbs now all together. I have been postop for 4 1/2 months. I am doing good. I have been having pain in my lower left part under my stomach. I went to the dr and he said that my tublar ovaries or colon is inflamed. He said that the ovaries is not that bad but he is more concerned with the colon. He could not tell which one it was but he has given me antibicotics to take to clear it up. I am have not been an any pain and do alot better now. But everyone have a happy thanksgiving and talk to you soon. Geneane


12/17/04 Hello everyone. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holidays. I am doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a problem with my ovaries a month ago but it is all better now. It feels so good to hear people say how good i look now. They even have a nickname for me now it is slim lol. I saw a pic of myself that i took at the beginning of the year WOW!!!!!!!!! what a difference i could not believe it, me and my friends could not believe the difference in the pics as well. We all cried after seeing that pic of me. Then at work my 5th year anniversary was this month and they posted a pic of me i took when i first started working there in 1999 oh my god i did not know that i looked like that. And again me and my friends where amazed of the difference of how i look now, it really is a major difference. Then we started thinking, man if i look like this now what will i look like this time next year. Whew, i cannot wait. I am so thankful to God for blessing me. Not only did he bless me to have another opportunity to have a healthier life but he bless me with a Wonderful Man. I love him so much he has been through this with me thick and thin i can always know that he is there no matter what. He gave me the support when now one else knew (but God) that i needed it. Well it is time for me to go. Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Blessful New Year. Don't party too hard. Geneane Brooks


04/13/05 Hello all i know it has been a while but i have been so busy. I am doing great. I have lost a total of 128 pounds in 10 months. I feel and look great. My next step is skin removal. I hope everything goes well with that. Please pray that it does. Well it is time for me to go to bed now. God bless you all for the support. Geneane


10/04/05 Hello everyone, I am sorry it has been so long but this has been a busy year for me. Everything is going well. I am still losing but it has slowed down alot. I have loss a total of 152 pounds. The good thing is that i am still losing. I am looking into plastic surgery now. I have a tremondous amount of excess skin. I pray that everything goes well. I will post after my first visit with the plastic surgeon. I hope all is well with everyone and god bless. Geneane


11/01/05 Hello all, How is everyone doing. I am doing great. I am down to 154 pounds in all now hooray! I will have my first appt with the plastic surgeon on


11/28/05. I am excited and nervous. I have been looking at some others post about plastic surgery. And obesity help has a great plastic surgery forum filled with information. I am always in there reading and looking at pics. But i am doing great and can't wait to see the out come of the first consultation with the plastic surgeon. I also have to say that I have the most wonderful husband. I love this man so. He has been my mirror thorough some tough times and has made me realize somethings i never knew or realize. I love you john and i always will. ok i will update soon. But just in case i dont before thanksgiving. Everyone have a happy thanksgiving. God bless.

07/08/07 Hello everyone i know it has been a while but i have been going through major changes in my life. I just had a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Nilah she is 5 months and the best thing that has happen to me. Just wanted to say hi and i did not forget about you all.  God Bless!

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