My story is the same as a lot of yours, weighed 150ish, size 10 thru high school, but for some reason kids always made fun of me and said I was fat! Looking back I still don’t get it, but when the pounds started to pack on, it was, “oh well, what does it matter, I am already fat!”

When I got married I wore a size 10 wedding gown! But the doctor changed me to the “new safer, mini pill”. Well it wasn't “safer” for me! 2 months later, after spending 2 weeks on the couch not able to stand up, I had gained over 40 pounds! My periods had gone from being every 28 days, like clockwork, to whenever!

Had a miscarriage and then years of infertility! Luckily 9 years ago, we finally decided we were not getting any younger and adopted Grace from China. It has been a wonderful, horrible, terrifying journey! A year after her adoption Grace was diagnosed with Autism, severe language disorder, Post Traumatic disorder, Sensory integration disorder, Apraxia..... i think that is it! Our little non special needs baby has turned out to have many many special needs, and one thing she needs, is a happy, healthy, mom here to help guide her, teach her and be here for her, for many years to come!

Soooo here goes! 46 lbs down and many more to go! Only 8 days to my surgery! Let the games begin!

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