Hi, my name is Christine, I have been overweight all my life and now I'm ready.....I'm ready to be who I always new that  was meant to be.

Well I guess it all started the day that I started to use food as a way to escape. My life was pretty normal growing up but a few things happened along the way that kinda made me turn to food to block out the other things that were or happening in my life.

I have always hated my picture taken because when I looked at pictures of myself, they never looked like the person I thought I looked like.  Does that make sense????

Well, last September I turned 40 and I realized that I had to do something about myself or I wasn't going to be here to enjoy the person that I truely am inside.

I have had depression most of my life and then, high blood pressure.....now.....very very high cholesterohl.  Next down the road is diabetics.....and I won't be able to handle that, I hate needles (I faint).  

I was at my dr.'s office one day after trying every diet, diet pill(s) or anything else that would maybe help me lose weight. I asked her, "is there anything else that we can do", she looked at me and said, "there is one other thing I could suggest, it is surgery", my eyes open wide and the first thing that came to my mouth was "Yes".

My heart started to race faster and faster, I wanted to know everything.  So when I got home I started the internet search and wow, what I found was almost overwelming.  I had no idea that it was so popular.

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Dec 18, 2007
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