cj71 17 years ago

6/17/03 - Well, I believe it's about time I start entering some information here... I've done everything else to prepare, so it's time I start documenting. I started my journey in September 2002. I met with the team late November. I received my approval letter the weekend before Christmas (that was a cool gift!). I was told 6-8 months in December... here we are... exactly 6 months out. It has so far seemed like a lifetime of waiting. I'm sure it will be worse once I am actually scheduled! Since my initial phone call in September, the deal between my wife and I was that I was just getting myself on the waiting list and that I had until they knock me out to change my mind. I believe she always thought I would not go through with the surgery. I am. She is also MO, and has some personal issues she's dealing with as well. She has been telling me for months that she didn't think it was a good idea. I do. I think surgery is the only way I am going to see my children grow up, and grow old together with my wife. Anyway, that's it for now. I'll be posting more often as that phone call should come any day now...
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