We are the 'Un-Beautiful Girls'

Jan 27, 2009

We are the girls you may not give a second glance. We know you may look once, then pass us over, for we are too tall, too short, too plain, too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too blemished, too freckled, or just "too anything". We are the girls whose bodies don't stop traffic, whose wardrobes are not designer, and whose faces will never launch a fleet of ships.

We are the girls whose eyes crinkle when we smile, and whose faces line when we laugh, for we've done so much of both through our lives that our faces have been changed forever. We proudly bear the scars and stretch marks we have gained over the years as badges of honor, and evidence of a life fully lived. We polish our skin, brighten our smiles, and nourish our hair with loving attention, because we know our own worth. We glow from within when we dance, because we love the way our bodies feel when they move with the rhythm. We are the girls who know what beauty truly is, and we revel in our own.

We are the girls who have always had to try just a little harder, and take unending joy in the rewards. We know the immeasurable value of trust, of honesty, of devotion, of loyalty, of tenderness, and of nurturing. We love with everything we have. We give our hearts, our bodies, and our souls, without reservation, to the ones who have taken the time to know who we are, for when they know us, they will be unable to resist us. We are the girls who are the most richly rewarded by an honest smile, a loving touch, and a simple, heartfelt "Thank you". And we will give them all in return, without end.

We are the girls who can truly please your eyes and hearts, delight all your senses, refresh your tired spirits, and strengthen your souls. We complete you.

We are the "Un-Beautiful Girls." And only the luckiest few will know our love.

Author Unknown


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