Aaryan Koura

"I deceided to have WLS in May of 07. After contacting my insurance company and PCP, I was \"assigned\" to Dr. Koura.rnrnI first met Dr K at one of the semiars. I found himvery personable, charming. Although I never really understoond the analogy; but I didn't care, I was going to get skinny.rnrnMy first appointment at Dr. K's office proved to be very disappointing. However, in his defense, he was losing an employee, training another and moving his offices all in one week........that's enough to stress anyone out.rnrnBefore I get to far into this storey, I need to exxplain how \"upset\" I was to being going to this Hospital, and to the area it is located.rnrnBack to the storey.........after my first appointment, I went home and called athe insurance company. I told them I wanted a new Surgeon........I felt ingored, and dismissed. My case manager, Rosemary: someone you hope to find when you're going through all this, told me it D.r K or no surgery, as my insurance company.....well I really never knew why.......but decidede I wanted to lose this weight and it's only be 3 days. rnrnSo my next appointment with Dr. K was at his new office, and new employee.........WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!! Here was the Dr. I had met before...........only nice, more compassioniate, and with one of the best sense of humors I've seen. His bedside maanner is what got me through all this.rn rnSo, saw him Thursday and the next Monday, I was being wheeled into the operatiing room. rnAs I saw Dr. K, first thing I asked, how awake are you and did you have coffee this morning? His answer: You're my second one today, and I'm wide awake.rnrnI felt so good by the next time I saw him, he asked me how I felt, and told hiom with my hands. how do you feel? As he laughed, he replied.you're ready to be discharged.rnrnI've seen Dr. K several time since, at scheduled appointment and monthly group meeting; and all I can say is I'm sure glad my insurance \"assigned me to Dr. K.rnrnIn fact, I carry his cards and hand them to anyone who's interest in WLS.rnrnHow would I rate Dr. K? If I ever have to have another operation, of any kind, HE'S THE MAN!!!rn rn rnrnrnrn rn rn"

Methodist Hospital of Sacramento

"I was actually not happy with this hospital whenI first learned this was the only one I could use. I'd heard horrible things about the staff and the hospital in general. However, I was completely surprised. The staff is excellent, the hospital quiet and not over crowded. In general . I'd recommended this hospital and staff to anyone and will return to this hospital for any surgies or procedures I will ever need. "
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