Charles Kluge

"Dr. Kluge has worked with obese / WLS patients for many years and is very helpful and supportive. "

Melvyn Lerman

"Dr Lerman has lots of experience with wls patients. His work is beautiful. I had a lower body lift on 9/14/04 and I'm very pleased with the results and with his professionalism and kindness. Update: since my first note I have had an upper arm lift, breast lifts w/implants, and face/neck lifts. I am even more impressed with Dr. Lerman's skill and artistry. He's the best!!!!!"

Lawrence Barzune

"Dr. Barzune is extremely caring. He can be blunt and demanding, but he is motivated by a sincere wish to help his patients be successful. He has an excellent aftercare program including monthly support group meetings. His experience is unmatched in the Metroplex. I would absolutely recommend him with no hesitation to anyone interested in the surgery."
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