Oct 17, 2006

Hi my name is Carey Poisson and I am 2 1/2 years post op. I had my surgery at Barix Clinics in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I am married and have two beautiful daughters which my husband likes to call the "blonde bombers". Having this surgery was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I am fortunate enough to say I have not had any complications as a result of the surgery.

My original date of research started in February of 2001. I made the mistake of telling my Mother of my interest. The thought of doing something so drastic flipped her out. She talked me into doing the Medical Weight Loss diet. It worked for a while. I believe I lost about 90-100lbs. But of course, as usual, once I stopped the diet and went back to my old habits - the weight came back on and then some.

I knew I had to do something. I was becoming very depressed and withdrawn. I was so unhappy and hating myself. I did not want to go anywhere, make eye contact or even see my own friends. I was to the point where I had no more will power. I could not even last more than two weeks on a diet. I was so tired of setting myself up for failure. I just could not do it anymore on my own. I had tried so many times and just did not have it in me anymore.

So October 2003 I made my consult appointment. I did not tell anyone I was doing this. Not even my husband, Rob. I needed to find out if I was a candidate. I knew my weight and BMI was high enough but I was not having any medical issues besides sore joints. I did not have high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea - nothing. So I was worried I would not be considered a candidate.

Well of course they told me I was a candidate. I was happy and humilated at the same time. Happy because I felt there was hope - humiliated because I had to admit to myself that I was "that big". Now it was time to tell my husband of my future plans. If I could have done this without his knowledge - I would have done it. But I knew that was impossible. So of course, I picked the most awkward time to find the courage and tell him. We were at a H.S. reunion. And of course I could not speak without getting all emotional. What an idiot I am! It was so humiliating to tell him I was a candidate. Rob was great. He expressed his concerns about my health and safety. But he told me that he just wanted me to be happy. He always has been very good about my weight. He has never made any negative comments to me about my weight. When I met Rob, I was 140lbs - being 5'9" that was very thin for me. That weight was a result of being on the liquid diet that Oprah was on. I went on this diet back in 1989 when I thought I was so huge (190Lbs) and lost 50lbs. I did not cheat once. I was on it for about 3 months. So when I got off the diet, I was like a sponge. I gained probably double if not more of what I had lost. So over the next 10 years I tried every diet known to man and lost and gained and lost and gained more and so on.... Oh, I had my two beautiful baby girls in that time.

So I proceeded with all of my testing and was approved for my surgery. I did this all in secrecy without anyone knowing except for Rob. It was so difficult not telling my Mother what I was doing - it was killing me. I did not want to take the chance of her talking me out of it again. I had made my mind up and I did not want to hear anyones opinion. So I had my surgery on 1/14/04 without my parents even knowing what was going on. I was so scared and stressed out. Thinking that if something were to happen to me, we would never see each other again. Thinking about my girls growing up without a mother. Every negative thought was going through my mind the closer the surgery date came. But yet, I was so excited to start my new life. I wrote a letter explaining what I did and why I did it to my parents. I asked Rob to give it to my parents after my surgery that night. Let me tell you, Rob was extremely stressed out being the messenger. Well my Mom understood my reasoning. My Dad was a different story. My Dad was so worried about me. But my Mother explained everything to him. They were not angry or anything just a little confused as to why I could not share what I was going through. But as I said, I had made up mind and did not care to hear anyones opinion.

I followed everything by the book. I did everything they told me to do. I was ahead of schedule with my weight loss. The only problem I had in my first 6 weeks post op was adjusting to eating again. I really did have to learn how to eat again. It seemed like everything would get stuck in my chest. I was just eating too fast. The only way to relieve the pressure was to make myself throw up. The first year I really took advantage of that window. I worked out 6-7 days a week. I was always in the gym. Rob was great. He took over with the kids, dinner and activities so I could have my time to work out. If I couldn't shop or cook for whatever reason - he would do it for me. He was so supportive.

The pounds and inches were just melting away. My sizes were going down and my self confidence was just coming back. I felt like the "old Carey" was coming back. My real heavy weight issues did not start till about 18 years old. I got rid of so many clothes, it was ridiculous. My first batch was 12 garbage bags full going to St. Vincent. Rob was amazed and how much there was. I had so many different size wardrobes - it certainly added up over the years.

goal - 160?


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