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Hi Crafty_gal - I just joined this site recently and learning how to use it. I saw your name on the find friends page and the crafty_gal got my attention! I am a paper crafter myself and in the pre-op stages of the rny surgery. I live in Canada and fortunate that it is covered by healthcare but then the process becomes longer as their is a long waiting list. Just wanted to know if you wanted to support one another. I see your surgery was April 26th - how goes it? Your approaching six months - hope it is getting much easier for you by now. All the best. Lucy (Lulu2016)

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I know that sounds weird, but it just suddenly struck me. I'm sitting here at my desk working and I clasped my hands together...and felt bones... they feel skinny.

I'm also developing lots of wrinkles. I joke that I'll have to regain the weight

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I'd really like to try the b12 energy booster patch - could be just what I...

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I had my final clearance pre-op yesterday with the cardiologist, so my surgery date looks like it's going to happen - 2 weeks from today!

Here we go! I'm so excited!

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