Randall Cook

"Randall Cook M.DrnrnI knew Dr Cook Thru other friends and family that had used him and for this reason I knew I could trust him, I also did further research on Dr Cook and was very impressed. Dr Cook made a statement the day I went for my first consultationwhich was, I have been doing surgery for 25 yrs but I can honestly say since I started doing this surgery it has been the most rewarding of my career. It makes me feel good to know that i'm doing what I can to help people have a normal healthy life.rnrnComplications; Yes I knew going in that this surgery had some risks as with any surgery, Dr Cook explained all the risks of this but he also told me he thought my obesity held more health risks than that of the surgery. I knew the first consult this was my chance for a healthier happier future and I knew I wanted Dr Cook to be the one to help me achieve this.rnrnBEDSIDE MANNERS: As for Dr Cook's bedside manner, In my opinion it was fantastic. He was one of the most caring, compassionate and understanding Dr's I have ever dealt with.rnrnOVERALL OPINION; Dr Cook and his staff were fantastic, They let you know from the beginning they are there to help you in any way they can. Whether it be questions, fears or whatever they are only a phone call away.rnrn ;o) ^j^Sue^j^rnrn "

Jackson Hospital

"In my opinion Jacksons is one of the best around, I had both of my girls at Jacksons and all my surgeries and my stay each time on a scale of 1 to 10 was definately a 8 or 9. Overall everything was great."
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