Things to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner

  • Evaluate Your Requirements

You need to ask yourself the question of what do you want your vacuum cleaner to do? Are you going to use it for cleaning your office, house or car? Do you have small children, pets or both at home?

Based on the answers to the above questions, you can choose  Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner that best suits your situation. You may even find the need to buy two vacuum cleaners – one for the house and the other for the car.

  • Look for Smart Features

If you have a lot of carpeted surfaces, a motorized brush will serve you the best. However, this is not required if you only have hard floors, without rugs and carpets.

You also need to have a switch that stops the motorized brush from working when you move to hard floors. It not only protects your flooring from getting scratched but also prevents debris from getting scattered around.

You will find cleaning heads with adjustable carpet pile height a useful option. Having adjustable suction control which lets you clean delicate fabrics and curtains is an added advantage.

  • Bagged vs Bagless

Bagged vacuums can be annoying because emptying the bags can be a messy business. Also, you have to buy replacement bags periodically, adding to the maintenance cost.

Bagless vacuums have their advantages. However, you end up in spending money on costly HEPA filters from time to time. Unless the emptying system of the dust bin is well-designed, emptying it can be a messy affair as well.


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  • Which Configuration Suits You Best?

Vacuum cleaners come in a variety of configurations, depending on the type of work they are intended to do. You can get a stick, canister or upright vacuum. The configuration of the vacuum you choose largely depends on the type of work you need to be done.

For instance, an upright vacuum serves well for working on carpeted floors. A canister vacuum is best if you need to work in tight spaces with sharp corners. A stick vacuum with an extension wand for instances helps you clean hard-to-reach areas.

  • Try It Out

You might think this is impossible if you are going to shop online. But if you have access to a nearby shop, you can try out different vacuum models to find out which ones suit you the best. You can also try some of your friends’ vacuum cleaners or check here:  Best vacuum cleaner brands.

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