7 Months tomorrow Post-op

Oct 16, 2009

Its been 7 mts since my surgery and what a ride its been. I sure had my ups and downs with the whole journey. Had gastric bypass on March 17/09 stayed in the hospital for 4 days and did great; no problems. Was on liguids for 3 wks and right after that I contacted saminelo poison (not sure how that happened) but I was sick for a whole week where I was hospitalized and they didn't know I had it. I didn't find out till I was on my way to Dr. B's office for my appt. took antibiotic and was feeling great after that. I had issues with slowing down when I ate and wanted to vomit alot for about 3 mts. I slowed down when eating and handled it much better. My biggest issue was with meat and breads. I could not eat bread products till just last month. I have no food restrictions now but if I don't slow down when eating I do get sick. So I am now down to 199 lbs and I am so happy for that. It does frighten me that I don't have any food restrictions for that is scary. Its scary that old habits will come back after all this work. I continue to pray the honeymoon still continues and I stay healthy as I haven't felt like this in years!!!


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