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My surgery was approved through the insurance comapny on November 5, 2004 and scheduled for surgery December 28 2004.  I started the modified atkins to shrink my liver which the doctor said I had to do, and also quit smoking to avoid complications after the surgery.

Today I changed my sleep study to include the polysonogram and the cpap.  I talked to Sue at the office, and since my sleep study is not until December 14th and my sleep study is December 28th I was worried that I would not have enough time to get the cpap if necessary.  Still following the modified atkins diet, but I don't know if it is working because I don't own a scale.  I guess I'll have to get one for after the surgery.  Just wanted to thank everyone who emailed me yesterday.  I was happy to meet ttwo women, one who is having the surgery one day before me, and one on the same day with the same surgeon and same hospital.  I guess I'll be meeting up with them that day.  

I had my psch evaluation today.  passed with flying colors.  I guess I'm not as krazy as I think I am huh?  : )

Tonight is my split night sleep study.  Tommorow I have all my pre-op testing in one day.  I will let you all know how it went.

Well I had my sleep study on 11/30/04 what a pain in the neck.  First of all, don't get a slep study done at Wahington Adventist Hospital.  I find the place very unprofessional, and the tech was new.  To be honest, I am not quite sure to trust the results, because he said I do not have sleep apnea.  It was very hard to get a good nights sleep with all of those wires.  On top of everything, I got lost going to the sleep study and ended up getting lost in a very bad neighborhood in Washington DC.  It was very scary.  On 12/1/04, I woke up from my sleep study and headed to Fair Oaks Hospital for all of my pre-op testing.  My first test of the day was the upper GI.  The taste was not as bad as I expected, it was just very filling. My next test was the sonogram of the gallbladder, which was no big deal.  

ok now for the test that I hated the most of the day, the dreaded arterial blood gas. . . I don't mean to scare anyone, but this test had me in tears, but I am a big baby, so enogh said.

After this I had my nurse interview, ekg and blood work. The nurse said my EKG came out fine. Then I had my pulminary test, which also went ok.  I was worried about this test because I am an ex-smoker and just quit smoking on November 15th, 2004.  I had to drive from Fair Oaks hospital to Prince William Hospital in Manassas because they were booked at Fair Oaks.  

I recommend to anyone getting all their pre-op testing to take one day off work and get it all done if possible.

This morning I got a call from Dr. chebli's office saying that I needed to get my blood work drawn again becuase my white blood count was high.  Sue asked me if I've been sick, and I told her no.  So anyway, I have to go and get this test done again.  Other than that, all my testing went ok.

Well my second blood test was high again for my WBC.  I have to go to my primary care doctor to get antibiotics.  Hopefully everything will go as scheduled.

Appointment with primary care doc about blood test.

Yesterday I had my appt with my primary care physicain conserning my elavated white blood cell levels in my blood tests.  He examined me, and said I look pretty healthy.  He said some people naturally have a high level  He recommended one blood test, and also a sed test which can show inflamation and infection.  He also refered me to a hematologist to get further testing to rule other things out before the surgery.   hope this doesn't interfere with my surgery date.

Tonight I meet with the sleep doctor to find out the results of my sleep test which I had on November 30th.  

Does anyone else feel like they are at the doctor every other day???

Well I haven't gotten on line for a while, a lot has happened.
When I went to see the sleep doctor, he said I do not need a cpap because I only have mild sleep apnea.

I went to my nutrition class on December 11, 2004.  I have to admit that I was pleasantly suprised.  I really learned a lot about what to expect after surgery and how to eat.  

December 14, 2004 I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Chebli.  Since he is doing my surgery laporscopicly, he wants all of his patients on a low-carb diet to shrink the liver.  Well I only lost 1 pound of the 20 lbs he wanted me to lose.  Doesn't he realize that if I could lose 20 lbs that easily I would'nt be having the surgery.  Anyway he has put me on a three shake a day liquid diet and I am really starving now.  

As far as my blood tests go, my white blood cell counts are still slightly elavated, but my primary care physican has signed a letter to the surgeon stating that I am healthy and that these results are normal for me.  I also met with a hematologist and he did tons of testing on me, to include leukima, HIV, and many other tests to find out about my elavated WBC .I meet with the nutritionist again on Monday, and will weight in again at that time.  I will keep you posted.

Merry belated Christmas everyone.  It is two days before my surgery, and I am getting ready for the dreaded phos drink.  I plan on drinking it around noon, that way I can run some errands this morning.  I hope I lost enough weight for Dr. Chebli so that my surgery is not canceled.  


Well I am leaving for the hospital to have my surgery in aprox two hours.  I woke up very early this morning because I could'nt sleep.  Dianna and I went to visit Nicole yesterday after her surgery.  We did not get to see her, but her family said she was in recovery and doing fine.  I spoke to her last night, and she said she had some back pain, but other than that she was doing fine.  My children are with my ex-husband for the holidays, and I tried to call his home to say hi to the children to chear me up a bit before surgery, but no one answered.  I was really hoping to talk to my children before the surgery in case anything happened.  Well I will update when I get back from the hospital.  

Well I came home from the hospital on December 30, basically 2 nights and three days.  I really didn't feel it was enough time, but my doctor said I was ready.  I haven't gotten on line since the surgery because I was still in pain, and it hurt to sit that long, so I am going to go in detail about my whole hospital stay. . .

Arrived 12/28/04 Tuesday morning.  I was actually having second thoughts about going through with it, but I have heard that is very normal.  Arrived at pre-op at 9:45am for my 11:45am surgery.  Fair Oaks Hospital is very efficent in getting people processed quickly and calming fears.  They had my family (fiance and mom), stay in the waiting room until I changed and settled.  Basically they had me change into a beautiful gown, put the white stockings on my legs that feel like blood pressure cuffs, and started me on IV fluids.  Then my family was allowed to come and wait with me.  The anesthisiologist, and then my surgeon, Dr. Chebli came and met with me and my family before the surgery.  I asked Dr. Chebli how my friend Dianna was doing since her surgery was right before mine. He seemed suprised that I knew her, and I told him we met from

It was around 11:30am then, and the nurse anesthesoigist snuck something to make me relax before being wheeled into the operating room.  I remember laughing so much that I made my boyfriend and mom laugh also.  It made things a little easier that way, or else I am sure tears would have been shead.  

I was wheeled into a operating room, still giggling, and the nurse anesthesiolisist said I would be going to sleep pretty soon.  The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery asking someone if I had the surgery.  I really did'nt wake up in any pain (that comes latter).  My surgery lasted a little longer than normal.  It was 3 hours 10 minutes.  He told me the next day that I was a little bit more compact and he had a little bit less room to work with, so he was just making sure he got it right.  

The first day was such a blur because of the morphine pump and the pain.  I was in a lot of pain, but I have a low tolerence for pain, so don't let this scare anyone.  Other people were walking the halls on the first day, and other people were moaning like me.  My boyfriend spent the night in my room the first night, and i recommend that for anyone.  That first night was hard for me, and having someone to hand me an ice chip when I needed it and help me really helped.  At 3:00am the first night after my surgery, I could'nt sleep, so I asked my boyfriend if we could walk the halls for a while.  That was my first time getting up after the surgery.  

Every day got a little better, but having surgery on a Tuesday, and released on a Thursday just did not seam enough time for me.  But I guess I should be thankful that I didn't have any complications and was released that early.    

My friend Dianna was in the hospital the same time with me, and also Nicole.  They seemed to be doing well, and not in a lot of pain.  

Everyday seems to get a little easier.  I am still very swollen, and have a low grade temperture,  but I was told this is normal.  My drain sight is healing nicely.  My big problem now, five days post-op is trying to get my liquids and protein down.  
My biggest priority is getting my water down so I do not get dehydrated.  I got in around 20 grams from a protein drink yesterday, not enough, but a start.  My doctor has all his patients on a liquid diet for 7 days post-op, so I guess I will try some purred foods on Wedneday.  I am not in any rush though, because I am not hungry at all, and do not look forward to vomiting and nausea.  

Well I think I over did it too much yesterday, which was 5 days post-op.  I went on errands with my boyfriend all over town:  two different stores, Blockbuster, Lowes, and a bakery.  I also wrapped Christmas presents all day.  My ex-husband gets our children every other Christmas, so we celabrate Christmas when they come back.  My children say me for the first time since my surgery last night and said I look smaller.  I think they were just trying to be nice because I am so swollen in my stomach I feel around 9 months pregnant.  They opened up there Christmas presents in front of me, and then I made them a nice Christmas meal (that was another thing I did yesterday over doing it).  The kids felt really guilty eating in front of me when all I could eat was a 1/4 cup of low carb cream of chicken soup.   I told them it makes me happy for them to enjoy the meal I prepared.  So anyway, today after doing all those thing yesterday, I went on my daily 30 minute walk which I have vowed to do.  Well I felt a little dizzy, so after that I have just laid back and relaxed the rest of the day.  I went on a small 10 minute walk with my mother this afternoon, and she was amazed at how well I am walking now.  I probably should'nt, but I am still taking the pain killers before I go to bed to help me sleep.  I still have a lot of gas pain and I am not sure when that is going to go away.  I am also looking forward to getting these staples removed on Wednesday, they are starting to pinch.    

Well on 1/5/05 I went into Dr. Chebli's office and to get my staples removed.  At one week and a day post op I lost 11 pounds.  I thought that was pretty good, and prety happy.  It really didn't hurt getting the staples removed, and Dr. Chebli said I was doing great and to start on pureed foods.  I have tried several things so far, but my favorite is pureed cauliflower with low carb cheese sauce.  I actually could have eaten more, but made myself stop after two tablespoons.  I have not had any nausea or vomiting yet.  I bascially feel well enough to go back to work, but have decided to wait untill Jan 17th.  Even though I feel fine, I do tire easily.  My friend Tina Matthews is having her surgery this morning, so I am going to call and see how she is doing.  Today I am going for a hike on the Potomac with my boyfriend and daughter.  
My weight loss so far is as follows - went into the doctors office October 5th at 245

Lost one pound at my Decmeber 14th pre-op visit 244

Doctor put me on the low carb shakes for two weeks, and the day before surgery Dec 27th i weighed 235.

Jan 5th Post-op appt weighed in at 223  Total weight loss - 22 lbs

1/9/05 Sunday
Well I will be two weeks post-op on Tuesday.  I only will weight in at the doctors office, so I do not have anything to post untill January 26th whe I will have my one month post op visit.  I have not been sick or have gotten nausead.  I follow the diet from the dietician, take all my supplements and my protein, and follow the 30/30 rule.  I do tire easily though, and take a cat nap during the day.  All my insicion marks have healed.  Today I am coloring my hair to get rid of some of my gray.  I am so thankful that I have not had one problem.  

1/11/05 Tuesday

Today I went to my doctor because I was having slight chest pain.  He said everything was ok and that sometimes 1 - 2 weeks post op people have inflamation in that area from the liver retractor.  I was really worried.  

1/12/05 Wednesday
I was just reflecting this morning that this whole experience has been a lot easier than I expected.  I am two weeks post-op as of yesterday, and I have not been sick or have had nausea even once.  It does get a little depressing eating this pureed food everyday.  I also have a pretty big appetite, and I plan on discussing this issue with my Dr on my one month post-op visit on January 26th.  I am going to start working out this Saturday with my boyfriend.  

I will update my weight again on January 26th after my one month post-op visit.  I don't want to be a slave to the scale.  

Well even though I was walking every other day, I have actually started to work out as of today.  I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the treadmill.  I also worked on my abs.  I actually have such a high energy level, that I felt I could do more, but I didn't want to over do it, because I am not even 3 weeks post-op.  I think I will post a message on the message board because I do not find myself really getting full.  I follow all the rules
30/30, and no breads, rice or pasta, and low fat, no sugar.  I am losing weight, but always hungry.  I plan on addressing this issue with my doctor.  I go back to work on Monday.

Went for my one month check up and I lost 20 lbs since surgery and 30 lbs total.  

Can you believe I haven't updated my profile since January??  Let me give out the stats. . .
Pre-surg Weight  245
Weight day before surgery  235
Weight today 177
Total weight loss  68 lbs

I notice other people are losing weight a little quicker than me, but its probably because I am not keeping up with the exercise like I should.  I guess its because I have been so tired lately.  My boyfriend and I bought tickets to go to Puerto Rico in June, so I really need to kick it up a notch and get this exercise program rolling.  


Weighed myself this morning, 172.5.  I need to work out!!!

Total weight loss is 72.5 lbs.  Today is my 4 month aniversery of my surgery.

Had my check-up, blood work and weight checked today.  I never realized how much blood work is done every three months.  The doctor showed me and it was over 5 pages of different values.  Cholesterol level great, all vitamin levels fine, protein, iron and calcium good.  Doctor says I am doing great with no complications.  WBC now normal.


Well I haven't been on line to update my profile in a while.  I weighed myself this morning and I now weigh 138!!!  I am going to have to take some updated photos for this page.  On a whole, things have been going great.  I lead a much more active lifestyle, and have a lot more self-confidence.  I am pretty disiplined when it comes to not eating any sugar, and taking all my supplements.  I love shopping now, where as before, I dreaded it!  I am not as disiplined with working out though, and need to get better with it.  


Well I couldn't sleep this morning, so I decided to update my profile.  I really haven't been very good at keeping up.  Its so easy before the surgery when you're going through all the pre-op testing, fears, and second thoughts of the surgery to write soemthing everyday.   My weight still fluquates between 135 - 138.  I believe I have reached my body's set point.  I would like to get down to 130, but I'm not sure if I will reach that point.  Since I am almost a year out , (12/28/04) I plan on making an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a consultation.  I am seriously considering breast augmentation.  Although I am pretty sure that insurance will not cover it, I will at least try.    I was actually not feeling well yesterday because of being worn out and working too much.  I did not take any of my supplements yesterday, which may had an effect on how I was feeling.  

I have my one year check up scheduled on my anniversary which is Decmeber 28th.  Nicole and I(she is my friend I meet in the hospital) are going to meet for lunch that day because she also has her one year scheduled.  

My one year check up for another sleep study is also scheduled in December.  Since I do not snore anymore, I guess its because of the weight loss, I wonder if it will be a waste of my time and if I should cancel the appointment.  Since it requires an overnight hospital stay, my insurance co-pay is like a regular hospital stay compared to a doctor's visit.  Not sure if its really worth it.  


Went to a plastic surgeon today.  Had a consultation for brest lift and implants.  The surgery costs $10,000 and is not covered by insurance, so I guess I better start saving.  I am now at my goal weight of 130, and very happy.  I feel like I have just started living and very happy about making the decision to have this surgery.  Resolutions for the new year. . . work out and firm up, be better organized, and have fun!  : )


At goal weight, 125 lbs. .. haven't weighed this much since high school.  Have to have surgery for an internal hernia, which I have been putting off, but other than that, no complications. 

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