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"I just had my lap-band done by Dr. Alvarez in Mexico and I CAN NOT BELIEVE HOW EASY IT HAS BEEN !!! I am 23 years old, never had any type of procedure done, never been under anesthesia for ANYTHING and i was ScArEd! My Dad and I had the Lap-Band the same day. We arrived in San Antonio to be picked up by Rosy (who is a sweetheart and assured me that everyone she took down there, ALWAYS came back, lol) and taken to Eagle's Pass, TX to stay the night. We were put up in The Holiday Inn Express and it was A+. Tuesday morning Rosy came to pick us up and take us across the border to have surgery where we met Dr. Alvarez. My first and last impression of him was GREAT! He is very friendly and knows what he's doing. He answered all my questions and quelled my fears (to the best of his or ANYONE elses ability). His office is Super nice and clean. Arianna, his day nurse, was a great help with translating and the overall care. She is a sweetheart. They took us across to the hospital and showed us to our room and let us put our luggage away. The lab girl came in to take our blood and she got me on the FIRST try and i didn't feel a thing, she was awesome. Same with the IV... first stick and no pain. Then came happy juice, then came... nothing, lol I don't even remember leaving my room. I was up walking as soon as i fully woke up after surgery (about 2-3 hours). I was ready to go... I can honestly say i have felt ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN from the time i woke up to now, 4 days later. Sure, my stomach was a little sore like i had been doing sit ups or something, but i've taken no pain medicine, not even tylenol. Today, 4 days later, i was hanging Christmas decorations on top of our door arches in our house... I FEEL GREAT!!!!! I am still not eating and i cannot WAIT for some mashed potatoes, lol I have lost 31 lbs and am soooo happy :) I know this has just started for me, I am 4 days into the rest of my life, but so far... it's been a breeze. I would recommend Dr. Alvarez to ANYONE for your Lap-Band Surgery. My experience has been FIRST CLASS!!!!! Susan is also great, i can't leave her out :) She is always a phone call or an email away (as is Dr. Alvarez). That means the world. If you have any questions or would like to follow how i'm doing, please feel free to contact me on my email ([email protected]) and i will be happy to try to answer any questions you have... GOOD LUCK !!!"
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