7 Months

Jun 04, 2007

Had my 7 month check up on May 25, 2007....  71 pounds lost forever!  Yeah!  Dr. Syn said that I'm doing great and I don't need to come back until October for my 1 year check up!  He did say that I have a small hernia at the top of my incision, but not to worry about it if it is not causing any pain or discomfort. No crunches for me!  Celebrated by going shopping!  I love my new life!!!

4 1/2 Months Post Op

Mar 18, 2007

I am now 4 1/2 months post op and what a ride this has been.  I had no complications from my surgery and was back at work after 10 days off.  At my 4 month check up i had lost 48 pounds! Yeah!  My triglcyerides and cholesterol are much improved and I am no longer taking blood pressure or diabetes medication.  I started out wearing size 24.  Am down to a very baggy size 16.  Was fortunate to have all of my sister's hand me downs, but have now un-grown most of them.  I am totally addicted to sugar-free popsicles....  They are my big treat for eating right, getting all my liquids in, and exercising.  Took about 4 months to get over being fatigued....  my days consisted of exercising, going to work, exercising, eating dinner, and going to bed by 10.  I now seem to have more stamina and am able to get more done and stay up later.  Life is good!!!

10-22-06 Surgery Tomorrow

Oct 22, 2006

Can't believe how fast this day has arrived.  I think I'm ready...  even if I'm not, guess I have to be.  Ran errands this morning to get a few last minute things.  Went to see my daughter Wendy's new house.  Now waiting for everyone to arrive for Sunday night dinner at Lisa & Eric's.  Lisa (my sister, had WLS last December)  has decorated my room (I'm staying at her house after surgery).  I have a Hello Kitty blanket and body pillow, a big fluffy heart-shaped pillow, and a Tinkerbell pillow.  I'm taking Tink to the hospital with me tomrrow to use as my cough pillow!  Only things left to do tonight are pack an overnight bag and sleeep.  Bet I don't do too much of that tonight!  LOL.  Have protein, jello, pudding, and broth.  Eric (my wonderful brother-in-law) is going to make his "special recipe" stew for me when I get home from the hospital.  I am so excited.  Right now nerves are fairly calm....  Excitement over a new beginning has definitely taken over. 

10-20-06 Pre-op Tests Done, Surgery Monday

Oct 20, 2006

Had all my pre-op tests done yesterday morning.... blood work, lung xray and gall bladder ultrasound.  Unevenful but long.  Yesterday afternoon was filled with visits with surgeon's staff.  Met with PA, Finance, and Nutritionist.  Only bad (?) news is that I will have to have my gallbladder removed too.  Have never had any gallbladder problems, but 2 stones showed up on the ultrasound.  They let me see the ultrasound as it was being done.  Very cool to see the stones move and i changed positions.  I'd really rather have it removed at the same time rather than undergo another surgery in the near future!!!  Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 Monday morning.  Have to be at the hospital at 5:30.  Will be early, but at least won't have to wait!!!  So far i am very calm.  Will spend the weekend playing with my grandson so won't have too much time to dwell on it!  I'm very excited!!!

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