Sep 18, 2008

Well Sept is almost over. School is in full swing. Got the 2yo into mommys day out today. he did not like it. But he has to have some kind of interaction other than mom..Lets see what has happened...Well Daughter joined Girl Scouts. She loves. She is making very good grades. I am so very proud of her. The Son is getting so big as well. He is talking more, I understand alot of what he says. He goes back next week to make sure that he doesnt have a lazy eye.
But I got my approval in less than a month for TT/Panni. And by God it was approved. We have scheduled for oct 3rd. Trying to get some info like pain wise, what to take and how longer to recover. I havebeen to that i will be in hospital 3 days.

More to come later....Ambien is kicking in and you never know what you will right.

July and August

Aug 19, 2008

Well they were just a blur really. School just started. I have spen this past 2 months speding money and spending more money. Then fighting with the companies that I spent the money with.....IE Sofamart. Hannah started school last week, I went to her intro to her teacher and she said she wished that she had 20 more Hannahs. Hannah is very advanced. She is reading on a 2nd grade almost 3rd grade level. I am so proud. We have 2 new additions to the family, mini and freddie. Hermit crabs. As fars as weight loss. I think that I am the same. Clothes are fitting the same. I am losing my butt though. Like that is a bad thing. I go next week to get my labs done. HOpefully they come out fine and I get to schedule the Tummy Tuck....Wish me Luck


Jun 04, 2008

Well summer has arrived. We went on vacation to San Antonio this past weekend. Lauren my stepdaughter turned 18 and we celebrated her going to college. She will be going to Oregon State University in the fall. He dad is really proud. We went to Sea World.  I actually did not feel bad to wear a bathing suit in public. I still felt big but not the biggest person there. I got sunburned. But that happens to us pastey people. 

But on to WLS stuff. I had a check up with Dr. Warnock last month he thinks I am losing too rapidly. I did not know there was such a thing!!! :) We set my goal at 145. I thought that it would have been much lower. I was thinking 125 or so. But only 15 more lbs until I can have my Panni done. That I am excited about. My family thinks that I am crazy to go through another surgery. 

Went shopping for an outfit to wear to the graduation party and I fit into a lg. short and 14 pants. If I did not have this tummy I could probably fit into 10-12's. but it really feels go not to have to go into the PLUS SIZE section anymore. I do kinda miss it. It was my home for so long. I do find myself wandering over there time to time. 

But in the next month we have another vacation to go on and the we get my step sons for awhile. 

Until then.....

May 02, 2008

May 02, 2008

OK well this month has not been so good. I was on a stall for the entire month 169. I am losing my hair like crazy. And this time my kids aren't making me pull it out. I mean handfuls. I think it may be time for a haircut. I think I am going shorter. I have not bought any new clothes But I am guess that I would fit into either a 14 or a 12. I have not been sleeping very well. I am just so anxious all the time. So the Dr. gave me an Rx for ativan. It is helping. I am not taking it everyday. I am making a comittment to myself. I have to get in more water and more protien. Plus get my butt back to the gym or do a workout video everyday.

Month 2.5

Mar 24, 2008

Hey ya'll. I have been on spring vacation with my daughter and son. She was out of school for 2 weeks. Well only one week for spring break but a week before because she was dancing in the living room and sprained her ankle really bad. I kept her home from school because a 6 year old and crutches dont mix well. We went to my moms and to Wichita to see my new nephew be born. It was fun times. We went out to ea 2x and at the hospital. And I STILL LOST. I was very happy. I did hav to go to the grocery store and buy my own food. We are from Texas and my mom cooks southern. How do you think I got up to 227????

But Back to WLS stuff..... My surgery was like 2 1/2 months ago and I can remember 2 months ago I was thinking to myself, what in the hell did I do to myself? I also remember people telling me this shall to pass. Guess what IT DID! I am so glad that I had WLS now. I have not went out and bought any clothes yet (though I need to really bad) I love how I am losing it. First it is coming off my hips, legs, tummy and best of all FACE.   I thought for sure that  I was going to lose my boobs first, nope 38D still. But all my clothes are SO BIG. it is really embarassing. I think I might hit up a goodwill or something like that, until I buy for summer.

I have been doing water aerobics about 3x a week and I love the feeling I get after working out. LOVE IT!

I am starting to lose my hair. I dont like that part.
I was wanting to grow it out long but I might have to cut it.

Just want to give you all an update on me.

Glad to be home

1st month

Feb 08, 2008

OK well it has been almost a month since I had my surgery. There have been good days and there have been bad ones. I do try to get all of my protein in first thing in the morning. I drink 1/2 of my RTD Isopure. I have to drink it really cold. I mean really cold plus ice cubes. Then I take my am vitamins... 4 of them. I then drink 2 glasses of water.  So It's snack time this usually consist of a SF fudge bar or SF popcicle. Sometimes I have PB on whole wheat crackers. There are alot more things that I can eat then I thought I would be able to. Lunch I usually have some sort of fish. Then another snack like a Ham roll-up. Then Dinner. I am usually not hungry at this point but I cook normally for my family and I have a little bit of whatever they are having that is WLS ok.

I do not have another Dr. Warnock Appt. until April but I will go to support meeting this month.

This Dang Liquid Diet

Jan 06, 2008

I cannot wait for Friday to get here. Thats my day Ya'll. But let me back up. I had my all day appts. last week. Well all started fine then I got into Wichita Falls and all hell broke lose. They had unexpected freezing rain. If you have every been to Wichita Falls all of the highways are over passes. So the all froze. I dont even think that sanded or salted them the night before. The news said that there were over 100 accidents that day. 01/03/08. But I called the Dr's office and told them that I would be late. I was the only one in the NUT class so everything was fine. Finally got there. I felt kinda odd that i was the only one in the NUT class. BUt in the end I loved being the only one. So with an hour until my appt. at the hospital I went to Kohl's and got a new robe for the Hospital. Then went to United Regional where I am getting my surgery done. And waited and waited and waited. But then I finally got to see a nurse. She asked if I needed to pee. Heck yeah I did REMEMBER....I am on a liquid diet. so I go and do all that and then I am back to the Dr's office. He was running behind as usual...BUt hey I really dont mind. I like talking to everyone in the waiting room. BUt this time someone asked me when I HAD my surgery. I was so embarrassed. Thank goodness I was called in soon after that. well I had to get on the dreaded scale.....Well hells bells I lost 7 lbs. and that was through the holiday.... They took my picture and then I waited for Dr. Warnock. He came in shortly after. We went over a couple things. I told him that I was not sleeping very well. He prescribed Ativian. for me. (it works wonders) then I saw Debbie she gave me my eating out card. my Laxative that I have to drink I think tomorrow. So then I drove home. it is abot 50 miles to my house from the Dr's office. So I reflected on my decisions about this surgery and  I am totally ready to have this surgery.

I got a date!!!

Dec 07, 2007

I cant believe it.. I was just in Dr. Warnock's office 3 days ago. They told me that they would put in the paperwork to Tricare early the following week. Then as I am doing some research on WLS on OH my cell phone goes off. It is a 940 area code, so I know who it is.... I say to my self "oh, please be good news."
IT IS!!!!!!  have been approved. We settled on a Friday surgery date 01/11/08. I am so excited. I was shaking. I called my husband who was in a meeting and told him really quick. Then I called my memaw told her. She had her stomach stapled at least 30 years ago. She was very happy about it. 

I still cannot believe it hapened so fast. Makes me feel bad for those who need it worse than me that have to jump through a million hoops. 

Now hopefully my husband can get off from wowrk to come to the hospital. If not Memaw said that she would come from Ft. Worth. I told her that I could do it by myself, but she insist on someone being there.

December 4th 2007

Dec 04, 2007

OK I got there in plenty of time. I was told that I would have to probably wait over an 1or2 of my appt time. Well it was 1.5 hrs over. I took my daughters nintendo ds to keep me busy. I met very nice people in the lobby. Another Army wife. She was 7 months out and looked great. She showed me her Military ID and DL. She looked totally different. We all talked. Dr. Warnock is right baratric paitents do become like family. So it was my turn. First place I had to go was the scale. I jumped right on. I weighed 227. That makes my BMI 40.1. Now that is calling it close. The they checked my blood pressure which was high, even on meds. Then she told me that Dr. Warnock would be n shortly. I waited about 5 minutes. He is very soft spoken like everyone says. He went over alot. I asked a couple of questions and then he took me to the lady that puts in the referral. She said that she would put it in the first of next week. 

Ok my nerves in check now, but now I am excited...

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