Getting Better

Jun 07, 2011

My recovery is going well.  I am still tender and bruised but doing well.  I have not gotten 100% of my water, or protein in yet but everything is going down and staying there.

Surgery done

Jun 05, 2011

Well I had surgery Friday afternoon.  All seems to be going well.  My only complaint is the gas used to blowup the belly.

Pre Op Diet Started

May 21, 2011

Well yesterday was the first official day of my pre-op diet.  I was told to drink 2 meal replacements, and have a sensible meal 1 meat size of palm, and a green.  I have to admit I had head hunger... I maintained well never gave in but I realized that word diet is not your friend.  I have lost 20ish pounds during my last few months just controlling my intake and cutting out sweets of all types.  Yet never in my wording did I say I was on a diet did not consider it one....this one is titled diet and my mind is resisting all parts of it.


Surgery Date

May 11, 2011

Went for my final class on Monday the 9th, GOT my approval at 730 this am OMG yes!!!!! Surgery is June 3rd, only having to wait till then due to my grandson is in school till June 2nd and I did not want to interupt his final week of school.  My long awaited journey is about to start.  Yeah me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Getting Close

May 07, 2011

Monday I go to my final diet class.  According to my insurance lady at the surgeons office I can expect an approval in 2 days, then be having surgery by the end of the month.  Needless to say I am getting nervous, with what ifs.... what if they don't, and then sometimes even worse what if they  I have been waiting for this surgery for so long, as I'm sure all of us have that I am nervous something is going to go wrong with the approval process.  I'm not actually scared of the surgery it self but my family of course is.  They are supporting me so completely.  I hope to be on the loosers bench soon, of course it has been nice just loosing the few pounds from the start of my program.  I can only imagine how much better I am going to feel with more coming off.  I have already noticed several differences with just the 15-20 pounds I have lost on my own. 

Anyway off to the waiting game...


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