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I am 5'6" and weigh 238 pounds. I have a sister that had RNY surgery 3 1/2 years ago and lost 140 pounds. She is doing great. I have an older sister that is approximately 125 pounds overweight who is currently also seeking approval for gastric bypass and hopes to have it done in June. So as you can see I come from a family of obesity. I have hypertension and have been on medication for the past 4 years. I also have knee problems, GERD, tiredness all the time, lower back pain, and heel spurs in both feet. I am only 41 but feel as though I am 71. My husband and family are so very supportive of me seeking approval of surgery.">

January 21, 2006 Met with PCP and he was very supportive about the WLS. I had spoken with him approximately two months ago telling him I was interested in maybe having it done but now I know I am ready. He ordered a chest x-ray, ekg, bloodwork, and a gallbladder ultrasound. He stated the referral letter would be ready next week. Attended seminar for Village Surgical and got call a couple of days later scheduling an appointment with Dr. Davidson.">

February 8, 2006 Met with Dr. Davidson at consultation and was so impressed with he and his office staff - They are all so very nice and knowledgeable about the surgery. Waiting to hear from their office for Psychological and Nutritional appointments. Hope it is soon - I am hoping to have surgery during April.">

February 14, 2006 I am so excited!! Just received through the mail my papers with all my appointments scheduled for March 1st( **Ultrasound - Venous Doppler, Lower 8:00 a.m. ** Nutrition support 10 a.m. ** Psychological 12:00 Noon - Pulmonary Function Test 2:00 p.m.) What a busy day!!! I just hope that I have time and not be late to an appointment. I am sure Donna Carter, the Bariatric Coordinator for Dr. Davidson who set these up knows what she is doing and that I will have time to get from one appt. to the other without being late. They have a terrific office staff!:) I do have another form that shows I need a tyroid function test done but I think my PCP already done this and that they may already have the paperwork. I will check with them before I have this done - I am so excited.">

February 25, 2006 I am getting soooo excited and a little nervous about my appointments on March 1st. Hope the results are received by the doctors office quickly so they can send info into insurance office and hopefully get approval soon!!">

February 28, 2006 Called PCP office yesterday to get a copy of my thyroid test results that I had done at my appointment on January 21st. They could not find it at first but located it and I am going to pick it up this afternoon to take with me to Village Surgical tomorrow. I knew I had the test done along with my other tests but it was not included by my PCP in my packet for Dr. Davidson. The nutritionalist requires a 3-day record of your food and beverage intake for your appointment along with $200.00. The cost of the psychological appointment is $100.00. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone else decides to use Dr. Davidson. I have been extremely satisfied with them thus far. Dr. Davidson and his office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They definetly seem to have their act together as far as scheduling appointments and knowing what they are doing. You can tell they did not just start doing this yesterday. LOL :)">

March 2, 2006 Wow!!! What a day yesterday was. I am finished with all my tests that need to be done before my surgeons office can file for insurance. All 4 appointments yesterday went so smoothly. The nutritionalist and psychologist that Village Surgical use are extremely friendly and easy to talk to. I was a little nervous since I have never spoken with a psychologist before but it went great. Now the waiting really begins. Hopefully Village Surgical will receive all the reports quickly and be able to file soon. I am so excited about getting approval and having surgery soon. Of course I am also nervous that something will happen that will cause me to no get approval. Just keeping my fingers crossed now that it will be soon. I will update as soon as I hear something!!">

March 7, 2006 My thyroid test was not fully done as needed by BCBS. Pat from VS called this morning with exciting news - they were preparing to send my request for surgery to BCBS. However, the thyroid test my PCP done was only partly done so I still need further bloodwork done to complete the test. I had the bloodwork done this afternoon and they stated the results should be completed by tomorrow afternoon - March 8th so hopefully VS will get them soon and I should be on my way to a surgery date. I am so excited but very nervous about the insurance process. My main concern is that I have only been at 35 or more the past 4 out of 5 years but I have read my insurance coverage policy: and it states with a BMI of 35 or greater with comorbilities (hypertension for me) 4 out of 5 years should be approved. Wish me luck!!!!!">

March 14, 2006 I am sooo nervous! I am waiting for insurance approval and very anxious. All I can think about is if I will be approved or denied for the surgery. I have a sister that has appointments scheduled today in hopes of receiving surgery. She is also using Dr. Davidson and has a BMI of around 45. She has already had her consultation and she has her Nutritionalist and Psychological appointments today as well as Breathing Test. I am sure she will do fine. She also has BCBS insurance. She is a teacher so is hoping to have surgery in mid-June.">

March 17, 2006 DENIED! Pat from VS called yesterday and my husband answered the phone since I was at work. She informed him that insurance stated that I had been denied and I should receive a letter in a couple of days. She also told him that I could appeal and should that the reason that they gave her was that I was not morbidly obese. I was so upset yesterday and just full of disbelief. As a matter of fact I still am today. I went on the BCBSNC website and read all the requirements that you must have to be covered for the surgery and I really felt that I met their criteria. I am definetly going to appeal as soon as I get my letter. My request for surgery was received from VS to BCBS on March 14th so it only took them 2 days to respond so at least they did respond quickly. I will update later I am just so upset even writing this right now.">

March 18, 2006 Got letter from BCBS through mail today stating of course that I had been denied. I thought it would be just 1 or 2 pages but there are actually 5 pages of information stating the process for appeal and the reason for denial. The denial states "Member has obesity but has not had morbid obesity for 5 years. No mention of endocrine workup. Cannot approve requst for gastric bypass and for hospitalization and any surgeries done at the time of gastric bypass such as cholecystectomy since request for gastric bypass does not meet medical policy SUR 6710 #1,2 and 3." I plan to appeal but I am so frustrated and upset right now. I plan to call Pat at VS Monday and ask about the endocrine workup. I thought this was the thyroid test that they done but I am no sure if maybe it is another test I need. I have not had a BMI 40 or more for the past 5 years but in their policy it states you can be approved with a BMI of 35 or more for the past four out of five years with at least one co-morbility (which I have hypertension) and on medication for it. I am really upset that they did not approve me and I know that my BMI in 2002 was 35.5, 2003 was 35.3, 2004 was 35.5, and 2005 was 38.4. I started hypertension medication in February 2002 which was four years ago. I just do not understand why I was denied. I was hoping so badly to have surgery during April but now I know that will not happen. Now I am just so scared I am going to be denied again even after I appeal.">

March 20, 2006 3:00 p.m. Spoke with BCBS and they stated that the endocrine workup was not received from Village Surgical so I have called and left a message for Pat from VS to call me. They also stated that I need to show that I have been on hypertension medication for the past 4 years and that my weight has been over BMI 35 for the past 4 out of 5 years. 5:00 p.m. - Pat called. I asked her about the endocrine workup but she did not know what they were talking about. I asked her if the thyroid tests were submitted and she said yes. Oh well - I guess I will call BCBS tomorrow and ask them exactly what they mean by endocrine workup. It is soooo frustrating. I am going to contact my PCP tomorrow and have him do letter stating how long I have been on hypertension medication which is since Feb. 2002.">

March 27, 2006 Still working on my appeal. I have received from Pat at VS my thyroid tests to resubmit. Also have made copies of all my weights again and highlighted them showing that my BMI has been 35 or more for the past 4 out of 5 years. Also had my PCP write a letter stating that I have been on hypertension medication for the past 4 out of 5 years. I have also typed a letter for the Denial Committee stating my reasons that I should be approved. All I am waiting for now is a copy of my medical record from February 2002 where my prior PCP started me on hypertension medication. I went by their office on Thursday, March 23rd to request information but they have not called me yet to pick it up. I will call tomorrow if I have not heard anything from them. This is all I need to get my appeal started by mailing this packet into their office. Just wanted to say that my sister who is also using VS should hear soon. Her packet was to be sent to BCBSNC on Friday 3/24 or today. I sure hope she has no trouble with approval. Her BMI has been over 40 a very long time so she should have no problems with approval. I will let you know when I hear something.">

March 29, 2006 Got all the information I think I need for my appeal. The waiting begins yet again. I mailed my Appeal Letter/Packet today certified mail. I also mailed a copy to Village Surgical so they would know I am appealing the denial by BCBS. Hopefully, this time I will get the approval I so badly want.">

April 4, 2006 My sister received a call today from Pat at VS around 6 p.m. letting her know the great news - She is approved! She is so excited and I am so happy for her. Now just hoping that I will soon hear the same great news from my appeal to BCBS. I am soooo nervous.">">" border="0">" width="20" height="1">">" border="0">">" border="0">" width="20" height="1">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">">" border="0">" target="_blank">" border="0">

April 13, 2006 I AM APPROVED!! Got letter today from BCBS informing me that they have reviewed my appeal and I have been approved. I have called Pat at VS and hope that she calls me soon!!! I am so excited. I read the letter 3 or 4 times just to make sure I was reading it correctly. But it definetly states I am approved. Pat returned my call at approximately 4:30 p.m. and stated she had not received letter yet from BCBS but said she would schedule my appointment with Dr. Davidson to set a surgery date since I had my approval number on my letter. I told her I would fax her the letter from BCBS stating my approval. Dr. Davidson is on vacation next week so my appointment is scheduled for April 26, 2006. I am so excited. Oh, by the way my sister met with Dr. Davidson yesterday, 4/12/06 and has a date - June 19, 2006. She of course is extremely excited too. She could have been scheduled for an earlier surgery but teachers do not get out until June 15th. Dr. Davidson performs surgeries on Monday and Tuesday.">

April 20, 2006 Attended the group seminar held by Village Surgical at their office. There was approximately 35 people there (pre-op and post-op). It was very informative. Questions were answered. The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. and lasted till around 8:00 p.m. They spoke to the group about things you may be experiencing (such as tenderness in left side), foods to avoid (such as naturally sweet fruits), how important it is to keep taking your vitamins, stressing not to gain the weight back, and importance of walking/exercising. Since I will not be able to attend the May group seminar due to a school function for my son I hope to attend in June and be post-op. I am still so very excited about having this done so that I will feel better about myself both physically and mentally.">

April 26, 2006 I have a surgery date!! May 9,2006 - Less than 2 weeks away. I am so excited. I was so nervous at the doctors office that I had gained weight since my last visit but I was only up 3 ounces from my last visit so my weight was still at 238. I stopped by GNC on my way home and picked up some protein mix. Dr. Davidson wants his patients two weeks prior to surgery to replace one meal a day with a protein shake and he recommended this mix from GNC. I purchased two (chocolate and vanilla). He stated that I can mix it with something until my surgery. I must go purchase my vitamins this afternoon and begin taking them. My surgery preop is scheduled for May 5th. I am still in shock that it is finally going to happen. I am so happy.">

May 1, 2006 Only 8 more days till surgery and I am still very excited. BCBS is covering 90% of my surgery cost so I went to Village Surgical and the Hospital to pay my 10%. I paid VSA $1,050 and Cape Fear Valley $1,271.68. I also purchased the Magic Bullet blender at Bed Bath & Beyond for $59.99. I picked up more supplies that I felt I would need. I am just busy trying to get everything ready for the big day next Tuesday. I guess I have alot of nervous energy - it is really hard to just sit still. :-)">

May 5, 2006 Had pre-op appointment today. It was at Highsmith Hospital in Fayetteville. I was there approximately 2 hours but one reason is because they could not get my blood!! They had to stick me 5 times before they were able to fill their vials of blood. I am sooo glad that is over. Went by the Vitamin Shoppe and purchased some Isopure and Nectar (fuzzy navel). I was going to get lemonade but they were sold out. They said it was the most popular. Still very much excited about Tuesday!! I will probably update again Monday before the big day!!">

May 8, 2006 Well tomorrow is the big day!! I must admit I am extremely nervous. I am writing this at 7:38 p.m. so I know in approximately 12 hours I will be having surgery. Although I am nervous - I am also very excited knowing how this surgery is going to make me feel so much better about myself both mentally and physically. The next time I update I will be after surgery. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.">

May 16, 2006 Home from Surgery!! This is my first post after surgery. Tuesday, May 9th - Had surgery as planned. Everything went great. Very Sore on left side but on morphine pump so that relieved the discomfort. Actually I did not use pump as much as I thought I would. Wednesday, May 10th - Felt great when PA and Dr. Davidson came by. Swallow test done around noon and was good so started on clear liquids. Did great until started having diarrhea around 6:00 p.m. The diarrhea was very bad and they started giving me doses of imodium around 10:00 p.m. Thursday, May 11th - Diarrhea was off and on throughout the night so when PA came by she ordered to continue imodium as needed and hooked me back up to IV. She did however take out my drainage tube. I continued having diarrhea throughout the day so stayed extra night in hospital. Friday, May 12th - Came home around 1:00 p.m. Still was having slight diarrhea through the weekend at home but seems to have stopped now. I am weak but getting better daily. Dr. Davidson did say that diarrhea was not common after surgery. I guess I am just unique! Came home with the following prescriptions: Hydromorphonn 25mg for pain and Zofran 4 mg for nausea. Have only taken nausea medication once - Sunday. I am not hungry and it is hard trying to get enough water and protein. I wil be so glad to go to the next step to have a more variety of food choices. Right now I am on liquids so I am having chicken and beef broth, sugar free ice pops, sugar free jello, Protein Shakes, Water, sugar free kool-aid and Isopure protein drinks. Crystal light is too sweet for me right now. I am going to start straining Chicken Noodle Soup and Vegetable Beef Soup today to try and feel like I am getting something new. Vitamins I am taking are 2 Flintstones complete twice daily and Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D twice daily. I am trying to walk 3 times a day at least 15 minutes at a time. Hopefully that will increase over the next days. My follow up doctor visit is tomorrow, May 17th. Will let you know how that goes. Weight Lost: 13 pounds">

May 17, 2006 Had first follow-up visit today. Went really well. It was really quick. They took my blood pressure and removed the white strips covering my lap incisions. They said everything looked great. Crystal the PA came in with great news - I can now have mashed potatoes. They have advanced me to the next stage (Full Liquid/Pureed) which includes creamy soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, puddings, cottage cheese, applesauce, and oatmeal to name a few. I am so excited. Had cream of broccoli soup for lunch and it was soooo good. They also stated that I could begin driving so I guess I will be getting out a little more. They said that next week I could do the soft regular diet which is scrambled egg, baked salmon, broiled shrimp, canned tuna, canned chicken, refried beans w/cheese, black beans, etc. I return to doctor for checkup in 3 weeks. Weight Loss: 14 pounds">

May 28, 2006 Just returned home for hospital. That's right - the hospital again. Woke up Saturday morning around 5:00 a.m. hurting badly and within 2 hours the pain was horrible. Husband rushed me to er and after 2 doses of morphine they were able to start controlling my pain. Did cat scan and determined I had a KIDNEY STONE, size 6.2. Kept me on iv for fluid intake and pain meds and phenergan all night and with 2 more bouts of extreme pain I passed the stone at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I was sent home on an antibiotic and told to make sure to keep liquids in. My urologist stated that with wls that I will be alot more easy to get kidney stones. I really feel that I have not been getting all my fluids that I needed in so I am sure going to do it now. For anyone reading this when you become post-op please make sure you get those fluids in because I guarantee you if you have not had one you definetly do not want a kidney stone. I have heard people say it was worse than childbirth and I agree 100% with them. It was almost unbearable. Weight Loss: 19 pounds">

June 6, 2006 Today I am 4 weeks post op. I am doing very good - I would not say great just yet. It is still very hard to try and get in all the protein my doctor recommends (at least 60 grams) and water (64 ounces) per day. I am experimenting with different foods though since I am now on a soft diet. Some of my favorites are deli thin sliced turkey with cheese, Wendy's chili with cheese, FF Refried beans with FF sour cream and low fat shredded cheese, Tilipia Fish (baked in oven), Salmon (baked in oven), mashed up banana in SF Vanilla Pudding, and Brunswick stew from Smithfields BBQ (but of course I did not eat the corn). I have tried shrimp about 3 times but twice it did not agree with me - felt like it got stuck and would not go down. Last night I did eat a scrambled egg with shredded cheese on a 1/2 piece of very well toasted bread with FF mayo and it was delicious. I was a little worried about the toasted bread but I had heard of others who can eat it if it is well toasted so I gave it a try. I go back to see Dr. Davidson tomorrow for my four week checkup and will update then. I am happy with my weight loss and my clothes (which were tight before surgery) are now getting very loose. Weight Loss: 27 pounds">

June 7, 20006 Had 4 week check up today with Dr. Davidson. He stated that I was doing great and I can now eat most foods that are moist and easy to digest. My next appt. with Dr. Davidson is in 2 months when I will be 3 months post-op which is in August. He was pleased with my progress thus far. Weight Loss: 27 pounds">

June 12, 2006 I will be 5 weeks post op tomorrow and I am feeling great and able to tolerate alot of different foods well. Baked Chicken, Broiled Shrimp and Hamburger does really well for me. I have even eaten some pimento cheese on a cracker as a small treat and done great with that. Chicken salad is wonderful. I joined Curves today and am so excited about it! I was only able to do 2 rounds instead of 3 but I was able to do all the equipment without any problem. I hope that this will help me to tone up so I will not have too much excess skin with my weight loss. I am still not hungry but do have some head hunger at times. Pizza is the food that I miss most!! I would love to go to the local Pizza Inn and pig out but of course doing things like that is what got me here. My sister is having her surgery next Monday by Dr. Davidson and she is really excited. Keep her in your prayers. Weight Loss: 29 pounds">

June 20, 2006 Today I am 6 weeks post op and doing very well. I have lost 35 pounds!! yoo hoo! I still need to do better about getting my water in - that is the hardest thing for me to do! I am supposed to get in 64 oz. but I get more like 40 oz. I am really going to work on that. My sister had her surgery yesterday with Dr. Davidson and she is doing great. She just kept saying "I can't believe I have finally done it". LOL I am so happy for her. Eating mostly the same foods as last week - did eat a very small salad for the first time and did fine. Weight Loss: 35 pounds">

June 27, 2006 I am now 7 weeks post op and doing well as far as my recovery from WLS and being able to eat most food. I am however very upset today. Went back to the urologist to get results from the analysis on the kidney stone I passed when I was 2 1/2 weeks post op and the surgeon informed me that I have ANOTHER KIDNEY STONE which is a size 4.5. I have made an appointment with another urologist for July 11th to see what he recommends. Weight Loss: 38 pounds">

July 8, 2006 Just returned home from a 8 night stay at our condo at Myrtle Beach. Had a wonderful time and the weather was great!! I am feeling and doing great - no complications. Have not been on blood pressure medication since my surgery which is wonderful. While at the beach I tried different foods that did fine which included filet mignon, crab legs, nachos supreme from Taco Bell, and pizza topping from Pizza Hut. I even went to the movie and ate some popcorn. Of course I ate a small amout and chewed very well. I am a few days over 2 months now and I am really getting alot of questions now from people noticing my weight loss. Of course everyone asks how are you losing your weight and I am just being honest with everyone and telling them I have had WLS. Since I was a lightweight I do have alot of people make statements to me that they do not think I was heavy enough to have the surgery but I am getting use to it and it doesn't bother me. I tried on some of my 16's last night and I was so excited to find out that I can wear them. I started at a tight 20. My sister is doing great from her surgery 2 weeks ago and at her 1 weeks post op appt. she had lost 15 pounds. Weight Loss: 45 pounds - New Weight: 195 pounds!! I am so excited to be below 200 pounds!!">

July 18, 2006 I am 10 weeks (2 and a half months) post op today!! Doing great. Went to Curves this morning and had my measurements taken. Have lost 31 total inches in 4 weeks since I started Curves. I was very excited. I have also lost a total of 50 pounds since my surgery date!! My sister had her 4 weeks check up today and has lost 25 pounds and doing well. Weight Loss: 50 pounds - YEAH!!!">

August 7, 2006 Have not updated in a while. Things are going very well with my WLS. I am not losing as quickly - I guess my body is adjusting. I am still very pleased with my decision to have the surgery. The only problem I am having is with having constipation. Milk of Magnesium seems to not help alot so I am going to look into what else I can take to help with this problem. Sometimes I will go 3 or 4 days without having a bowel movement. If I went to the bathroom as I should I would actually probably lose more weight. LOL Getting enough water in is still a challenge for me. Weight Loss: 58 pounds - New Weight: 182 pounds">

August 23, 2006 Had my 3 months check up today with Dr. Davidson - even though I am actually 3 months 3 weeks post op. Everything is going great and he was very shocked that I have lost 65 pounds since my surgery date. He stated that most people that lose that much in a little over 3 months usually have alot more to lose than I do since my BMI was 38 when I had the surgery. He stated that bloodwork would be done at my 6 months check up in December. I am still working out at Curves 3 times a week and had my measurements taken yesterday and I have lost a total of 9 inches and 15.8 pounds since my last measurements were taken approximately 1 month ago. I had also lost 8.56 Body Fat Pounds. Just noticed last week that while showering I have some strands of hair coming out while shampooing my hair. Not alot but am showing some signs of hair loss which is normal with weight loss surgery. Before I had my surgery I was in a tight 20, and 2X Shirts - now I am wearing mostly 14's and some 12's and L/XL shirts. I am getting so many compliments now that I have finally purchased some clothes that fit. Weight Loss: 65 pounds - New Weight: 175 pounds">

Sept. 13, 2006 Wow! Where has the time went. It has been 3 weeks since my last update so just wanted to let everyone know as of today I am down 73 pounds. I am so excited about my weight loss and everyone that sees me cannot believe how much I have lost in such a short period of time. I have alot of people telling me I do not need to lose anymore but I am still considered overweight by the BMI scale. I am still going to Curves 3x a week and walking around 1 1/2 miles per day. I feel great!! Especially when I go shopping and fit into a size 12 comfortably and mostly Large tops. It is amazing how I LOVE to go shopping now where last year at this time I hated it!! Still not having any problems from WLS - not had any blood pressure medication since I came home for surgery which is wonderful. Hair is still coming out some but I knew that was to be expected. Mainly notice it when showering and brushing my hair in the mornings. Weight Loss: 73 pounds - New Weight: 167">

October 1, 2006 Almost 5 months post op update!! Passed my second kidney stone on September 22nd. Had an attack on the September 21st and finally passed it on the 22nd. So glad that is behind me and so far they do not see anymore. Hair is still falling out in alot of strands right on but not noticeable to me or anyone just by looking at me. My hair is very thick anyway so I am very lucky for that. Everything else is going great! Have alot more energy than I did before the surgery and feel really good. Trying to get in as much protein as I can. Very happy with my weight loss and having so many people making wonderful comments about it. LOVE SHOPPING. Wear mostly 12s but some 10s now and Large Tops. Update on my sister: She is now a little over 3 months post op and has lost 54 pounds. She is doing great! No complications. She was wearing a size 24 before surgery and is now wearing a size 18. Weight Loss: 78 pounds - New Weight: 162">

October 6, 2006 Had measurements taken again at Curves yesterday. I had lost 14 pounds since last taken on August 22nd. Here are my new measurements and how much I lost since 8/22: Bust 40.75 inches Lost: 1 inch Waist 31.50 inches Lost: 2 inches Abdomen 38.50 inches Lost: 2 inches Hips 41.00 inches Lost: 1.75 inches Thighs 21.75 inches Lost: 1.50 inches Total Lost Since 8/22: 8.75 inches Body Fat % 30.50% Lost: 5.20 %">

October 20, 2006 On Tuesday, October 17th woke up and had breakfast around 8 a.m. and afterwards started feeling really bad - naseau and pain in middle to stomach area. By 11 a.m. still not feeling well and not able to get any water in - would cause severe pain. By 2 p.m. called husband to come get me at work. Spoke with surgeons office and told to go to er sounded like gall stones. Arrived at er and they did ultrasound and x-rays and ruled out gall bladder. Was uncertain what may be causing the pain and naseau so around 8 p.m. decided to go in laproscopic and see if it could be an ulcer. Found out it was a piece of my intestine that had gotten twisted with a kink in it so he got the kink out and stitched it so that it would not happen again. I was told that it was just a very unlikely thing to happen but luckily it was very easy to care for. I am now home and doing fine. Have had no problems eating or drinking since the surgery. Dr. Davidson was wonderful as usual and came in even when not on call to do the surgery for me so late in the evening. I highly recommend him to everyone!! Weight Loss: 84 pounds - New Weight: 156">">">">">">">">">">">">[email protected]">">">
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