Calcium Citrate Chewables

"Okay, I've tried the chocolate and mint flavors of this product and just....EWWW. Putting fake flavorings in chalk does not make it taste like anything but fake flavored chalk. I've had this same complaint about every chewable calcium "lozenge" supplement I've tried. Now, if you just CANNOT swallow calcium horse pills, please, there are other options. These things are gross and they are overpriced. I'd have to take five of them a day to get my mandated 2000 mg, and no way am I going to pay that kind of money when I can get a store brand version of Citrical Petites and take TEN of those for pennies. Thumbs DOWN. "

William Peters

"Many others have written about Doc and Robbie's interesting office setup, so I won't go into those details....except to say that it spoke volumes to me about their priorities. I'm not impressed with fancy furniture or artwork or photos of the surgeon hobknobbing with famous people. If that's kind of surgeon you want, don't bother with Dr. Peters. rnrnIf you want a surgeon you can look in the eye and see the real person, all present, right there in front of you, then you're in the right place. I prize honesty right up there with medical and surgical competence. Dr. Peters has them all, along with tremendous passion for what he does. rnrnIn my first few days after surgery, I was particularly grateful that he gave me a good sense of what to expect each day. He described to me in some detail how I could expect to feel and when I could expect those things to start changing for the better. There's nothing quite like the voice of experience :-). rnrnIf you're looking at traveling to have your surgical procedure done, add Dr. Peters to your list of surgeons to contact. The prices are competitive with the out of country prices for people who must self-pay, and the aftercare is fantastic. "

Zero Carb Premixed/Prebottled

"I've tried three flavors of Isopure--blue raspberry,which was disgusting, icy grape and icy orange, both of which were quite tolerable, though not exactly tasty. They came in very handy for drinking during my clear liquid days for a bowel prep--lots of protein, no carbs, therefore no big blood sugar fluctuations! I hope I'll tolerate these postop, for they will be a good fluids source with protein added :-). "

Syntrax Nectar Sweets Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Bean Torte

"YUM YUM YUM! What a happy change of pace from the either too-bland, too-sweet or too-chemical tastes of so many of the protein supplements I've been testing! The two flavors were nicely balanced, the drink wasn't very sweet, it mixed up nice and thin, and I actually *enjoyed* drinking it. I suspect this one will be a keeper for later on after surgery, once my tastebuds have recovered from the acute postop phase :-) ."

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Isolate, Fuzzy Navel

"I am delighted with how well Nectar dissolves just by stirring. This flavor was definitely reminiscent of a fuzzy navel, with a bit of creamy flavor added, and very little aftertaste. It's not a flavor I'd pick for routine consumption, but was fun to try."

Glucerna Meal Bar

"This is a meal replacement bar marketed primarily to diabetics working on weight loss. It's not (IMO) really appropriate for postops, as the carb-to-protein ratio is way too high. Happily, the version I sampled (Chewy Chocolate Peanut) was both tasty and satisfying. It's said to taste like a Snickers bar, and I'd say there's a resemblance. The soy aftertaste kind of ruins the illusion though :-). Nonetheless, it's a better value and a MUCH better taste than a lot of other meal replacement bars, and I felt satisfied from it a lot longer than from some others I've tried. "

SOUTH BEACH DIET - High Protein Cereal Bars

"This is a nice cereal bar option, a satisfying snack with 10 grams of protein and a similar amount of "impact carbs," aka sugar in this case. I'm finding it helpful to have in my tote bag for a quick "minimeal" during my preop weightloss attempts. It helps reduce the temptation to head for the nearest drivethrough window, so that makes it a good value :-). "

Power Crunch Wild Berry Creme-(12 count box)

"This is not a nutritional bombshell of a product. Almost half its calories come from fat. But it's 15 grams of highly absorbable protein, and IT'S DELICIOUS! The texture is like those old fashioned waffle-wafer and cream cookies. It's super light, has a nice crunch, really a dramatic departure from the typical light-as-mud protein supplement bar. I'm sure I'll be glad to have it in my options arsenal when I'm trying to get in 100 grams of taste- and belly-tolerable protein every day. Thus far I've only tried the French Vanilla Creme flavor. I look forward to taste testing the others :-). "

Marvin Weinar

"Dr. Weinar's professional credentials are all very good, but his excellent character (no "doctor-god" ego here!), his love of his profession and care for his fellow man that make him special. "
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