My blood pressue has gone up much higher as well as my weight.
A few years ago my GP suggested wls. Right after that I noticed an ad on tv about the Lap Band.

This Janurary I went into the emergency room thinking I had a heart attack which ended up being a murmer and a thickened valve.

That was my wake up call. I weigh 233 pounds at five foot two and it is 115 pounds over my 118  pound normal weight.

When I went to the seminar and found out more about the Lap Band, I was convinced even more  that it would be idea for a 61 year old with a BMI of 42.6 like me.

It will be great to tie my own shoes and have an eaiser time wiping where I should as well as doing the chores.

The more weight I gain the more Co-morbidities I get. Diabetes is right around the corner as most of my family get it as they become older. 




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