3 years Out :)

Jul 11, 2011

3 years out and 130lbs! I am once again Very thankful and blessed to have had the gastric bypass surgery. I am LIVING LIFE and loving it. In October of last year I had a Tummy tuck to take care of what didn't go back on its own and I also had My breast done! my husband of course loves the new me.. but most importantly .. I do.  

1 year out

Jul 11, 2009

 First let me say Thank you God! thank you for the oppertunity to live life as a happy person. free from what i felt held me down. To date i have lost 127lbs. I have now lost more than I wiegh. I currently wiegh 123 pounds. I AM FREE! THANK YOU GOD! I am so happy! happy 1 yr ann to me!!!=)

Loving myself inside and out,


7 months out

Feb 09, 2009

whoohoo 7 months already!! well i am home... and i now weigh 156. i cant believe it. its awesome. this is a pic i took last week at sea world.

5 months out

Dec 14, 2008

well i go home to San Diego in 18 days!! i currently wiegh 171 pounds which means i have lost 74 lbs. i excited to go home smaller!! its funny i still dont see myself as small as i am. im not used to it yet. lol that will change with time i guess!

4 months out

Nov 19, 2008

I have lost a total of ....64 pounds!! whoohoo. I am so much happier. i now weigh 181lbs. I also got the balls to chop my hair!! i love it. i have 40 more days untill i go home to san diego!! i miss my family so much. it's part of being a Navy wife though. I think they'll be surprised to see me.. the new and still changing me. haha i love it. thank you god!!!


3months out

Oct 09, 2008

51 pounds forever gone!!!! whooooooooop!I now weigh 194!! omg! i never thought id see the day!Thank you DR.NYE and thank you God! Im happier , im friendlier, and im peppy!! i feel like i can be myself without being embarassed!!!!!

And i want to say a very special THANK YOU to my dear friend Jim. jim has been so nice to me. warm and guiding. thank you jim for your kindness!! may god bless you and your family!!

8 weeks out

Sep 14, 2008

41 pounds!!! whoo hoo!! gone forever. I am truly blessed.I've been doing great.. taking vitamins and calcium.. all that good stuff. working out at the gym is easier..going up the stairs is WAY easier. i love it.

I went to my monthly support group last week. before leaving the lady sitting next to me said"  you are so beautiful" ... wow. i got a compliment!! yeay. i cant wait to see where i will be in 30 days!!

3 weeks post op

Aug 01, 2008

hello ! I'm doing great. loosing weight. I've lost 22 lbs! im really happy about that!
I'm healing just fine. walking,sippin and livin! THANK YOU GOD! I am blessed


Jul 19, 2008

I had the surgery with Dr.Nye, it went as expected. I am now 1 week and 1 one day pot-op. i just started my puree diet today. im loving it!!! food you can chew is the best! Last monday i was weighed, and i had lost 3 lbs. next weigh in is on wednesday. im actually excited to see a scale, thats crazy.
All my friends and Family have been suuppper supportive of me..which makes me a happy girl.
After the surgery i had horrible GAS! haha. and the runs... but from what i hear...it's normal. I am so excited to go to my support group! i cant wait. i wonder how much weight i will loose from now till then...anyway. I'm doing great, i'm feeling great and i am so happy i decided to go thru with the Gastric Bypass!

hey ladies and gents

Jul 04, 2008

I hope you  ALL have a HAPPY & Safe 4Th of July!!!


 My surgery is in 4 days!! I'm getting more and more excited!!

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