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"I first met Dr. Mailapur when I went to his seminar about bariatric surgeries. I don't even remember how I found out about it, who told me about it or how I ended up there but somehow I was led to him. I do remember having such a nervous stomach for even thinking about going into the building. Once I got in there and started to hear him talk about the different procedures that nervous stomach went away and he had my total attention. From that very moment I knew he would be the doctor I would chose to do the surgery I always swore I would never have no matter what. Within 3 weeks I had my first consultation appointment with him and I really liked the fact that he took his time to talk with me and to explain the procedure in detail as well as answer any questions that I had. Over the course of the next several months I started the process of preparing for gastric bypass surgery. On the visit before my surgery he once again took the time to sit with me and explain everything and answer all of my questions and then he gave me a hug and re-assured me that everything would be ok. On the day of surgery Dr. Mailapur came into the pre-op room and talked with me and my husband and once again hugged me and shook my husband hand. I was no longer nervous about surgery because I knew I was in terrific hands. My surgery was successful with no problems after surgery. After surgery his care doesn't stop there, when i went back for my 2 week check-up he was still just as caring and took his time with me as he did before my sugery. Dr. Mailapur makes it a point to see that you are comfortable and his staff is very friendly and helpful in any way needed. I would highly recommend anyone that is considering this surgery to use Dr. Mailapur. He cares about his patients and wants to see them succeed by using the tool, not the solution, that he has given us. If there was a scale of 1 - 10 to rate our doctors and there staff I would definately give Dr. Mailapur and his staff a 10 +."
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