I started out a little bitty thing.  Way back when i was born.  I stayed little until I was 7 then I started to slowly gain and was considered a overweight child.  Could be because I am really short stature.  

My parents split when I was seven.  My father married my first stepmother.  She was always harping on what I ate.  How much I ate.  It got so she was restricting my meals.  and makine me run around; what she called "the Track".  At that age we dont see the good side to that, we think they are being unnecessarily mean.  I started sneaking food.  I used to open tuna fish cans and eat the tuna.  

When I was in high school and had a little less supervision, I used to come home from school and have a snack.  I would eat leftovers from the night before.  Unfortuanately I couldnt decide what I wanted to eat so I ate it all!   I gained alot of weight.  I went up to 176lbs.  On a 4ft 8 inch person, you can imagine what this would look like.  My mom could see how depressed I was so she took me to her doctor for diet and diet pills.  I really did well, stopped drinking soda stop eating my snacks after school and lost 39lbs.

Before I graduated I got pregnant with my first child.  Well this gave me licence to eat..  I went up to 180lbs.  When I gave birth, I weighed 186lb.  After having my daughter I didnt loose hardly any of it.  I stayed about 169lbs.  Three years went by.  I started to get depressed again.  I then put my mind to it and started cutting back and walking.  I started to loose weight again.  I went down to 128lbs this time.  I kept it off for about a year.  Then BAM!!  Pregnant again.  I learned my lesson this time and only gained about 30lbs this time.  Six weeks after birth, I was back into my pre-pregnancy pants!!  First off I want to tell you that when I am pregnant I am the happiest person in the world.  I love being pregnant.  Its wonderful.  

Sure enough after I had my second daugher, I went back into the depression.  When my daughter was 8 months old I received the most devastated news of all.  My mother passed away.  She had emphysema.  I hardly greived like I should.  after a while the father of my girls left me for my cousin.  And I didnt greive that either.  eventually I realized that my depression  was not something that was going to go away on its own so I started to see a therapist.  He said I "stuffed my problems" instead feeling the emotion.  It was down hill from here.  I started seeing a man who was extremely abusive.  I started to put on some weight.  I weight about 140lb.  I ended up getting pregnant between this time and lost it.  The man I was seeing said If I gained any more weight he would leave.  Thats all it took back up to 169 I went.  And he left, after some persuasion.  

I was in few passing relationships for about 5 years.  Changed many jobs.  Moved in with my cousin with my 2 kids. and lived with her for a while.  I med my husband 6yrs ago.  By this time I drifted up to 220lb.  I gained quite a bit after meeting him.  I got up 230lb.  I ended up getting pregnant again.  I actually lost weight with this pregnancy.  I went back down to 220lb.  They put me into the hospital when I was 29 weeks because of an asthma excarbation.  I also smoked.  They kept in the hospital until I had my son at 35 weeks.  During this time I had quit smoking.  I ate to try to get thru the cravings.  I gained 10lbs.  

when I got out of the hospital, I married my husband.   Things werent going well with me and my cousin so i got my own apartment with my husband.  I was working as a bus monitor at this time.  I gained more weight at this point.  Eventually the doctor put me on oxygen and I was taken out of work.  By this time I was weighing 290lb and gaining.  Doctors squabbled.  told me to lose weight or die.  I had started to lose weight by this time.  When I joined Weight watchers I weighed 186lb  I did real well.  Lost 25 lbs.  Then out of nowhere started to gain it back again!  This is when I decided to have the gastric by-pass done.  I know I need another chance.  I have been eating the way Im supposed to, the way I need to eat after the surgery. 

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