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"She kept me captive in her office for over an hour. She couldnt keep a thought in her head. she talked about everything under the sun, but nothing had to do with me. She told me that I ate like crap, well duh. If i ate like perfect i wouldnt need wls. She told me that I would be one of those who will gain it back. I didnt see the crystal ball on her desk. I said i was going into therapy, she said that doesnt matter. Who is this women to tell me i have no hope. So i asked her what I should do, she didnt give me an answer. I have never in my life felt bad about myself. Until I met this women. She is not very helpful at all. I reported her. And the reason why I didnt say "Hey, I am here to talk about my food" First cause i was trying to be polite and because she holds the last letter I need to get my surgery. Very very unhappy about this. I talked to her supervisor. I hope never to see her again, unless i bring a witness. I could go on and on about her life, since she told me just about everything about it. She talked about Kerri who gave her a rave review, she talked on the phone, she talked to other patients who came to her door, I could go on and on. And I left the office without any nutritional help what so ever. NOTHING"
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