I started my efforts to get WLS in 2001.  I was denied.  Then, I tried again in 2005, and my insurance company only covered $3000.  I then started the process again in 2007 with my new insurance company, BCBS IL.  I met all the requirements, and they denied me.  My case was turned over to Obesity Law, and I found out today, July 29, 2008, that I have been approved.  Thank you Jesus!

I have lost and gained, lost and gained all through my life starting in the third grade.  When I look back at my high school pictures, I was not obese.  I weighed 135 lbs at 5'6" and was told how I was the fattest girl on the drill team.  I was not the smallest, but I felt as big as I look now.  I  did not enjoy my life as a normal weight person as I thought I was huge and had little self esteem.  I hope now I will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

I am a single mom of three.  I have two teenage boys, and one daughter.  I am from southeast Texas.  I have been in San Antonio since 2005.  I am a registered nurse and have worked for insurance companies since moving to San Antonio. 

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