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Oct 09, 2007

Happy Labor Day!!

Sep 03, 2007

I hope everyone is having a great Labor day. Today is post-op day 5. Things are going pretty well. I have not been hungry or having problems with anything although I Had a little episode this morning with getting light headed. I think it was cause I hadn't eaten yet and my hubby was cleaning out my drain tube before my shower. It only lasted a few minutes. As soon as I was feeling better I finished my shower, drank some isopure protien drink and rested in the recliner for an hour. I also went out for the first time since my surgery today. The Family Christian store was having a huge sale and I really wanted to go.  Plus my hubby had a gift card he got from his birthday, a couple days ago, to spend. And I had all sorts of great coupons. I just wasn't sure if I would feel up to going. But we went. 
We had to drive 20 minutes to get to the new one that just opened. The highway wasn't bad but the road from our house to the highway was bumpy. I was glad I brought my pillow. Well, when we got there we wandered around to find what we were looking for. The first great deal was if you bought 3 DVD's you received a free DVD player.  So we found 3 that were on sale plus I had a coupon for 25% off the entire order. So we ended up paying $24  for 3 dvd's and a DVD player!!  Then we had to get a couple birthday gifts. My husband had gotten a gift card for $15. I also had a buy one item get the second 50% off.  So Tim picked ot his CD which was $18 and we bought the Mandisa CD for our son for his birthday and got it half price, and it was already on sale. We are all American Idol fans. 
Then the last thing we got was my late birthday present. I have been wanting that Dance Dance revolution game to exercise to. Well, they had a Christian version for the PC. And I had another coupon for 25% any regular price item. So we got a great deal on that as well.  But by the time we had done all that bargening, I was exhausted and sweating like crazy. Not a hot sweating but tired and clammy. So we quickly paid for all our deals and got out of there. The ride home was horrible. I had not taken my pain meds before we left so they had compleatly worn off.  I was in so much pain, but only the main area by the drain. As soon as I got home I took my meds and rested.  I made my hubby try out the new game. It was so funny cause his eye feet cordination  is a little rusty. I can't wait till I am healed enough to play it.
Anyway that is my update so far. I have an appointment on wed at 2:30 for a check up with the surgion. I can't wait to see what I have lost so far. I can see a difference in the mirror. I also hope I can get these staples and drain out then. They are a pain, i am so afaid of bumping them.
Well have a great rest of the day and I will update again soon. 

Liquid diet.....

Aug 11, 2007

First of all forgive me for not updating in a few weeks. I have been posting on the Missouri board and I also have been doing videos on my Youtube channel, I just forgot to add a post here. 
Anyway, I am 18 days away from Surgery. August 29th is the big day. I have to do a liquid diet for at least 2 weeks. I am trying to get a jumpstart and starting early. I have been doing it for 6 days. Except yesterday I had my last meal out with some friends. We went to have Mexican food. I didn't gourge or anything. I was really good. I had a few chips and salsa, then I had veggie fajitas. They were really good. I was so full, I forgot to get fried ice cream, my real reason for going to mexican resturaunt. LOL We were kinda in a hurry. We were going to trivia night at church and we were running late. We had so much fun. The funny thing was no one told us there was going to be tons of food there. So we came already stuffed. By the end of the night though I had room for a handful of peanut M&M's and a handful of popcorn. This morning it was back to liquids only. I have done pritty well. I only had one bite of corndog. Other then that I have had all liquids. I have had 4 protien drinks, some V8,a grapefruit Fuze, Chicken broth, Sugar free jello, crystal lite and of course water. That is pretty much all get until the 29th. 
Please pray I make it. 
As the day draws more near, I am getting more nervious and excited all at the same time. Will I be able to do this? Will it really work for me? Will I ever be a "normal" size? This and many more questions are running through my brain. More doubting my ability then the surgeons. I have a wonderful supportive husband, and several close friends that are here with me through it all, I haven't even told most of my family. They would not understand. I have several friends that are not supportive. I haven't really talked to them too much since I found that out. I need all the positive I can get. That is why I am so greatful for my friends here and on youtube. I have an extended support system of people who are going through the same things I will be going through.
Well, thanks for listening to me ramble I will definately be posting more. Talk to you soon,
Blessings and prayers,

Whoo Hooo!!! Huge update!!!

Jul 13, 2007

Ok, so it has been awhile since I posted. There wasn't really much going on so I didn't have much to say. But today was my preop class at DePaul. It was from 8:30 and I left about 6 pm. We had a class on what we will go through on surgery day, talked with the nutritionist, talked about exercise, went though all the preop testing and warnings, and paperwork and such. 
And then... I got my date!!! I am having surgery on August 29th.
Because my BMI is over 50 I have to do the 2 week liquid diet to shrink my liver. So I am getting prepared for that difficult time. I have most of the stuff already but there is a few more things to get.
My husband went with me and I think he is more nervous then I am. LOL He wanted to hear everything and know exactly what I was going to be going through and how he could help me though it all. I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband.
I also met several people from the Missouri board. Michelle was in my preop class and Belle was seeing the Pshyc DR.
Well, time is either going to fly by or it will drag on. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.
This is all so unreal. 6 months ago I was just starting the process and seriously looking into the surgery, and now it is 6 weeks away. I honestly never though I would make it this far. I really haven't told my family. I know they would be so set against it. And all I want right now is positive renforcement. I already have to go visit then in 2 weeks and I know I will hear all about how much weight I have gained. It has been that way since I was about 8. Anyway, I have great support with my husband and many friends here. That is all I need.
Well, I am gonna end this post for now. But i will be back....

I am approved!!!

Jun 04, 2007

I called the ins company and at first they said they had not even received my packet yet. I about freaked. lol But then I called the Surgeon and got the reference number they had from the Ins co. Called them back with it and they said the approval letter was printed out and sent on the 30th. Whoo hooo!!! It only took a week to get approved. Well, then i went out to get the mail and guess what i found!!! The approval letter. So I called the surgeon AGAIN and she set up my pre op class for July 13. I will get my surgery date then. She said most likely my surgery won't be until September....That long , dang?!?!?!?! I guess when you want one of the best surgeons you have to wait. I am just happy to be approved. So now I am in wait mode again....TTFN

Well... it has been sent.

May 30, 2007

I called DePaul to see if they had reviewed my packet yet and they said it had been reviewed and it was sent to the insurance company. And.. that they had received a fax stating it was received by the insurance company. So now all i have to do is wait for approval. I am going to get the number from my husband and call  the insurance company next week.  Maybe a few calls periodically will get them going on it. Ohhhh it is getting closer.  :)
On a different note, I am having surgery tomorrow for something else. I have problems with my periods and ended up in the ER this weekend.  They said I was 3pts low. so they gave me a unit of blood but it didn't help much. My ob wants to do a D&C tomorrow, and see if that will help regulate it a bit.  Sigh... if it isn't one thing it is another... please keep me in your prayers..
Blessings and prayers to you,

A mini update...

May 22, 2007

Well, just thought I would update a bit. I am getting the last of the info for  my packet today. Then dropping it off to Patsy at Depaul. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am sure I am having the same questions go through  my head like everyone else did. What if it isn't enough info? What if they don't approve it? Ahhhh the agony of waiting is killing me and I haven't even turned anything in, LOL. 
I have UHC, and I have heard such great things about them so if you all think about it, say a little prayer that things go through quickly for approval.
Well got to get going, will write again soon as I get anymore updates.
Have a great day!!!

An overdue update!!!

Apr 26, 2007

I can't believe it has been over a month since I have updated. Things have bee crazy around here.
I am still working on getting info for my packet. I am almost done. I am just waiting on a few things from my Dr's in Iowa. My insurance just requires 5 years documented obesity. And apparently it doesn't have to be consecutive years. So I am waiting for my medical records to be transfered to me.  They should be here this week.
Last time I was here I spoke about the sleep study, well the results are in. I have mild sleep apnea, and insomnia. If I didn't have insomnia my apnea might have been worse. I also was told that sleeping on my back that it was worse, but since i rearely sleep on my back i should be ok.  The dr put me on a mild sleeping pill and it has helped tremendeously. I at least feel like I am getting some sleep.
I also had my psych eval on March 30th.  I was really nervious, i have never been to that type of Dr before.  " what if she finds out I am really crazy" LOL. But I passed with flying  colors. She was impressed on how much research I had done and how prepared I was. (thanks OH!!)She says she is recommending me and that I am a perfect canidate for the surgery. Whew... one more step out of the way.
Since the last update, I quit my nanny job and took a job at a greenhouse.  Was that ever a bad idea. The first day I worked so hard that i was in severe pain for the next week. The next day I could not even bend over. Boy was my Chiropractor mad. We were just getting me to a place where I was almost pain free on a daily basis. I ended up quiting the job on the second day. I am too large and out of shape for such a labor job at this time. Maybe when the weight is off I can do something like that. I was having fun even though it was hard work.  So now I start a different nanny job on May 6th. They are good friends of mine and they have 2 adorable little girls. 
Well, I will update again when I get my packet in. I  can't wait to at least get a consult.

Sleep test done..

Mar 20, 2007

I just got home from my sleep test.
It was so weird. I had so many wires attached to me I was afraid to move in the night. They wanted me to sleep on my back as much as I could and that was hard for me. I also had a really strange dream that scared me so much my heart rate and body temp rose. I finnally had them let me up to go to the bathroon then I was fine for most of the rest of the night. One good thing is they had one of the sleep number beds. I wish I would have had more time to play with it. It was pritty comfortable. The nurses were really nice, as well. I am so glad it is over though.
It was also weird sleeping away from my husband. It was the first time we have been apart since our wedding in November. It was hard not to get up and call him. I went and picked up my stepson from his work when the study was done and I got a huge hug. Guess he missed me too.
I am so tired now though. I could easily got take a long nap. But I can't, I am at work. Good thing I don't have a too strenuous job. LOL But I will be sleeping well tonight. 
Next step is the phsyc eval on the 30th. i will update again soon..

I went to the seminar last night...

Mar 16, 2007

I know it has been a while since I updated but there wasn't really any  news until last night. I went to the seminar last night at the DePaul Bariatrics center. It was packed, there was at least 100 people there. I took my husband with me. He soaked up  the info, but I have researched this so much I really didn't learn too much that that I didn't aready read about.. I am hopeing to get Dr De La Tori. We really like  him and with all his experence I feel safe having him as a surgion.  I talked with the nurse afterwards and she  helped me tremendously. I have been struggling with not knowing how to get my records so I can prove I have been obese for at least 5 years. Since I am new to MO, all my info is in Iowa. I never had a regular PCP. I only went to the Dr if I really had to.  The nurse told told me to call and have all my medical records released to me from Iowa. So today I got on the phone to 3 different places I went and they are sending me release forms so I can get that info. Hopefully there is something from at least 5 different years. I am so glad that my insurance procedures are not too difficult. 
Monday is my sleep study. I went in for a consultation last week. The Dr thinks I may have mild sleep apnea as well as insomnia. She prescribed a mild sleep aid and it really helps. I  don't wake up  quite as much during the night. I will update again after monday.  I am a little nervious about the sllep study. It will be the first night away from my husband  since the wedding. plus it is going to be difficult to sleep  somewhere not in my bed.

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Happy Labor Day!!
Liquid diet.....
Whoo Hooo!!! Huge update!!!
I am approved!!!
Well... it has been sent.
A mini update...
An overdue update!!!
Sleep test done..
I went to the seminar last night...