I've been overweight since I was a kid.  Most of my family struggles with obesity.  The problem is that for the most part we are a healthy, happy bunch of folks that love food!  I was perfectly content being fat.  I had bunches of friends and never felt terrible about myself.  I tried dieting, but was never successful since so much of my life revolved around food.  I had never considered WLS.  I have two aunts that had RNY and both of them have gained most of the weight back.  When I turned 30, I did some serious soul-searching.  I was diagnosed with Plantar Facsitis and although that isn't too big of a deal, I knew that it was just the beginning.  I wasn't prepared to deal with the other co-morbidities that would most likely follow.  I met a friend that had the lapband placed and did great with it.  I watched her like a hawk when we went to restaurants and parties.  I was amazed that she was eating normal food, but in small portions.  I figured that I could do that!!  I bombarded her with questions and before I knew it I was in the Dr.'s office for a consult!  Long story short, I was banded by Dr. Hansen on 2/12/07 and couldn't be happier about my decision. 

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