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Oct 07, 2013

I started out at 379 , 3 years ago after a 10 day pre-op liquid fast I weighted  in at 339 on 06/08/10, my lap-band surgery date. Dropping under the 300 pound  shortly after  was a major achievement for me and I thought I was on my way to one-der-land. I had a hernia repair at the same time as my lap-band which landed me back in the hospital at the tale end of my year two. I underwent  another 28 day liquid fast of my own doing eating anything I could liquefy and drink. Then another 10 day pre-op clear liquid and I weighted in at my lowest weight in years 272 on my 2 ND hernia repair date, which was May 1st 2012.

It's now year 3 I have gained about 36lbs weighting in at 308 on 10/30/13. Prelude to this news I was going through the motions of getting approval for a revision, and discovered  my band had slipped and I was quickly approved. So fast in fact that  my mind is still finding it hard to believe, I feel thankful and blessed to be given yet another chance at a better quality of life. MY DR has put my on a Clear liquid fast until my DS on the 23rd of this month.

I must add I was advised that the band was probably not the right surgery for me but I had already lost a sister to gastric bypass in 2001 and I was still scared in 2010,  to do the right thing and to scared to do nothing, so the band seemed to be the right choice. I had to do something.

I applaud everyone for having the courage to face this obesity journey  head-on and conquer it once and for all. 


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