This is my story. I have been over weight all of my life.  I think it goes to saying Must of us on here have. I was put on several diets all of my life. Starting at a very young age. When I turned 25 I weighed in at 400 pounds I couldn’t breath, walk or any other activities that had to do with physical moving. I decide that I had enough of people’s comments and the way I felt. I just want to feel Physical better. So I Got holds of LITE LIFE and I started a year long journey to get Baratric surgery. So on March 26, 1997 I had the Vertical Band Gastroplasity done. It worked for me mostly. For me I ended up weighing in at my smallest 180 pounds. I ended up in 2000 having a little boy. Witch I would have never would have if it wasn’t for the weight loss. God blessed me. Well things with my VBG got bad I have been throwing up every day for 7 years. I have gained 45 pounds, I have platelets problems, hernias and just all-in all pain. Not feeling well t all. So Dr Inman and I have decided to get Revs ional surgery to RNY . I am not looking forward to the pain. But I really can't wait to feel better

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