Six months

May 12, 2007

It is really hard to believe it has been 6 months since my surgery.  Yeah, the honeymoon is over.  I can be hungry and crave the stupidist things!  But I feel good!  I'm active, and dang it all to heck!  I look good!  
Got a new hair do.  That was fun, but it is still falling out by the handfuls.  GEESH!  The price we pay to look good!  I just posted a new picture.  Not much to say. It's late at night and I am wide awake.  Now what is that all about?  Probably time for a middle of the night Wal Mart run.  It's not near as crowded, and the dressing rooms are empty so I can try on new outfits!  YEAH!!

Simply Amazing

Feb 23, 2007

It is simply amazing what 3 months can do in your life!  I don't remember talking about how fast the weight is going to come off, I just remember talkng about the nutrition I will need the rest of my life.  If they would have told me I would be 66 pounds lighter in 3 months I would have laughed at them!   I am feeling better than I have in years!  It's a relief not to struggle with my blood pressure, I never noticed what a impact it had on my life.
I posted some new pictures that my son took of me.  He flatters me by telling me his clothes are to big for me and to stay out of them.  hee hee.   
My younger son made me feel so good this evening, he went to hug me good bye and told me he is proud of me.  He said he can wrap his arms all the way around me now when he hugs me.  It meant  a lot for him to tell me that.  I am not always sure my boys know how proud I am of them.  But it really made my day for him to tell me he was proud of me.  hmph!  He noticed!!
Hope everyone is doing well, I haven't heard from some of you in a while, how is your journey going??

Hang on! Here comes 2007

Dec 27, 2006

Wow!  Where did this month go?  It has certainly been busy.

Here is hoping you all had a blessed Christmas.  The holidays are when I struggle the most being so far away from my family.  We are spread out through Florida, Ohio, and Maryland.  And then here I am out here in Wild and Wonderful Kansas.  (clicking my heels, and not getting anywhere! ha ha)  But this Christmas was a new struggle, who in the heck decided the holiday has to be a food fest?  GEESH!!  FOOD FOOD FOOD.  And we wonder why we all have to shop in the plus size????  I enjoyed my immediate family here on Christmas Eve.  My boys made their appearance and then were off again to do what ever it is that I probably don't want to know about!!   We had friends over Christmas day and that is the best time of all.  We are so close and travel a lot together.  We even took them to Florida to celebrate my parents 50th Anniversary with us!!  Just what we need, wholesome Godly family and friends who keep us in check and bring out our blessings when Satan would rather we sulk and moan.

Santa brought me some scales!!  WOOO HOOO!!  Who would have thought a year ago that I would be excited about weighing myself?
It has a place to set for current weight, and goal weight... kinda cool!  I haven't really thought about a goal weight.  I just want to be healthy, and comfortable with who I am when I walk into a room.  I have already achieved the main part of this surgery, no blood pressure meds, and my sugar is under control!!  shhhh don't tell the doc about the blood pressure meds, he didn't give me permission yet.  But they put this patch on me, and it gave me a horrific rash.  I am done with that!!

I did post some pictures of me with my girl scouts.  I had to look at the picture twice, I was wondering "who's mother is that with the girls?" and then I realized.  OOPS!  That's me!!   ahhhhhhhh a wow moment.

OK, must get busy and prepare our adventure of returning a few items.  Not sure I want to go to the stores.  However I will check those clearance racks and see if there is something that will stay on my butt while I am there!!

Hope everyone is doing alright.  How is your surgery adventure coming along?  Anything I can do to help??

Everythings Gonna Be All Right!!

Nov 30, 2006

Well, I have spent the week at home doing the bare minimum and I am feeling wonderful!!  OK, so y es, I think the Lord was trying to tell me I needed another week off of work.  So, with that said.......
I have never been so cold in all my life!  I hurt all the way down to my bones!!  Everyone kept saying how cold they were after the surgery, and now I know what they mean!  
Went to see Mr. Wonderful yesterday  (aka Dr Dort) and he took my lovely drain tube out, and my staples.  ahhhhhhh it's wonderful.  He said I am doing great, and he will see me in a month.  According to his scales, I am down 23 pounds!!   There ya go!!  That's why I'm so cold!!
Hope everyone is doing well, who wants to go to the support meeting with me at Solutions For Life on Tuesdays???  humm??  pleeease??

Still in the hospital 5 days later!!

Nov 24, 2006

YEAH!  You read that right!!  I was out of surgery on Monday and in my rom by 11 AM!  Everything went great! Then I started running  high fever!  UGH!!  So they took me down and did my xray, no leaks.  Ate my blue ice, no leaks!!  So at 7 pm they took me for a cat scan.  ha ha didn't find one!! anyway........... I have a hematoma in the area where they stapled my stomach and attached the intestines,  urg!!

I would have to say this is a horrible time to have the surgery due to the fact that the "float pool" is used for the nursing staff because the regular staff is taking off for the holiday.  These people have no idea hown to take care of a bariactric patient!!  I knew I needed to be out of bed walking Monday afternoon.  This nurse told my husband and I they did not need all the traffic in the halls!!  Another nurse comes in Tuesday morning to tell me I didn't get a breakfast tray, what did I want her to get me,,,,,,,,,,,,huh??!!???

I will write more soon, my iv is beeping, gotta go get some help!!

4 more days!

Nov 15, 2006

Well!!  I begin getting really , really, serious today!!  ME??? SERIOUS??  OK, so they told me last month to have clear liquids the day before surgery, nothing after midnight.  And then when my date got changed, they say "we are trying something new" and want me on all liquids for 2 weeks prior to surgery.  HUH??  So, yeah, I've been trying.  I've been drinking protein shakes here and there getting the taste of them.  But you know, when the family asks "don't you want mexican one last time?"  "don't you want steaks with us one last time?" I'm not gonna deny them, or me!  ha ha   So , I have talked with other people and they did the liquids 2 days prior, so I am going to be a good girl and get the show on the road.  Everything is still on schedule.  I have the family all lined up to take care of the younger children, and I almost have the laundry caught up!  WHY?  they are just gonna dirty more!  ha ha

The big countdown

Oct 24, 2006

Well, I was originally scheduled to have surgery this past Monday, October 23, and it got postponed due to a UTI that was found in my pre surgical testing.  So I guess it is a good thing to have those tests, however I really think I should know if I have a UTI, shouldn't I?  I am so excited now, got a lot of things done to prepare for surgery, and now I have another month to get "a few more" things done.  
I waited until the week before surgery to let anyone know that I am having the surgery, and so now that I have been postponed I am getting all the negative responses that I didn't have to put up with the past 8 months while I was preparing for surgery.  It's all gonna be ok, they have not lived in this body, they have not been blessed with 2 very y oung children to raise at my age, and quite frankly, why can't I do something for myself?  I always do for others.  It's my turn.  
Ok, off the soapbox.  More as the time gets closer.

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