Almost 8 months check-up

Jun 25, 2009

So I missed my 6 month check-up and finally re-scheduled it at almost 8 months (badddddd I know!!).  Anyways, I got in and first things first...weigh in.  I was really excited to get on the scale because my digital scale at home broke from water damage.  I'M DOWN 113 LBS!!!!!!!!  CHYEA!!!!! Oh I was REALLYYYYYYY happy with that because my weight hasn't budged for a while when I was using the scale at the gym so yea, that was great news.  Next, I go in the "exam" room and the M.A. comes in, checks vitals, and gives me two pieces of paper to fill out.  One is an overall eating behavior questionnaire and the other was a self grading paper.  The questionnaire asked things like how often do you eat "slider foods" (nuts, chips, soups), sodas, drink with meals, drink alcohol, eat high fatty/deep fried foods, and so get the point.  The answers ranged from never, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily.  Now, I didn't do TOO bad but to me I did bad enough because they obviously know around 6 months you kinda start veering off-track.  The other page was to grade yourself on you own eating habits and to keep for yourself.  They keep the questionnaire.  She said it's really only to show you where you aren't doing so good and to stay on track.  I think I did fairly well!  Next, gallbladder sonogram.  Now, let me say this much first off.  Before my surgery, they did a sonogram on my gallbladder and I had a few small stones and they gave me a prescription to dissolve the stones.  Well, I never turned it in/took them.  So, she asked me if I took them and I told her I didn't and she told me that she wasn't going to lie and it's probably worse now.  ohhh crap!  I lay down on the table, get the hot gel squirted on me, and she looks around and sure enough my gallbladder is FULLLLLL of stones!!  DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  There are several factors that contribute to gallstones and I had MANY of them.  Three big ones stick out the most to me: Pregnancy (I had 3 pregnancies), being overweight (duh), and dropping a large amount of weight really fast (WLS).  So, now I have to have my gallbladder removed.  So to any of you reading this and this happens with the gallbladder...DON'T BE STUPID!!!  TAKE THE MEDS!!!!!! HAHAHA But anyways, other than that, everything was good.  I'm right on track.  Their goal for a year is 100 lbs and I've lost that 5/6 months.  Alright, long enough, thanks for reading!!  XOXOXO  y'all are the best!!!!!!!!



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