Tenorwb 13 years, 4 months ago

Happy Surgiversary and wishing you many happy more! Peace, William

SameButDifferent 13 years, 4 months ago

I cant believe its been a year!!! You are an amazing person- beautiful in an out! I am so happy for you. In this last year you have seen so many wonderful changes,,,,AND the best is yet to come!!!!! I am so happy and excited for you. Much love and Happy Surgiversary!!

[email protected] Lola @~~ 14 years, 4 months ago

Jass - Today is your day sweetie! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today. Hoping everything is perfect... I'll be waiting to hear good things about your surgery and look forward to seeing you back on the board soon.

fat-G 14 years, 4 months ago

Wishing you an uneventful surgery and a speedy complication-free recovery.

inofwls 14 years, 4 months ago

Congratulations on your day tomorrow, I am hoping for you a un-eventful surgery and complications-free recovery. -Maryama

LeaAnn 14 years, 4 months ago

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow. I'm sending best wishes your way for a smooth surgery and a complication-free recovery. You are gonna LOVE your DS!

Jo F. 14 years, 4 months ago

Wishing you all the best on your big surgery day! You'll be fine and we'll be waiting for you on the other side. Chickens are swinging for ya! {{{HUGS}}}

leslieanne729 14 years, 4 months ago

Your seat is being readied for your arivial on Monday. Looking foward to another Switched Sister. Good Luck keep us posted. Ciao, Leslie

KRWaters 14 years, 4 months ago

Woo hooo, your day is just upon us. Way to go Jass! Come let us know of your progress.

mjc123 14 years, 4 months ago

Monday's your day!! Congrats!!
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