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1/4/05 - Hi my name is JC, and I have a new life! Most of you who used to know me as JJ are aware that I waited for 7 long years for this surgery. This is my story.

Turned down by insurance companies for 5 years, and TRC for 2 years, I scoured the internet and obtained the help of Walter & Kelley Lindstrom at ObesityLaw.com.  They were absolutely wonderful, and eventually won my case for me! 

I thank the Lord each and every day for carrying me through this journey.

I had surgery on february 10th, 2004, and my late husband, Jerry Jackson died from cancer two weeks later, on February 24th, 2004.

At this time I was also trying to raise my second cousin Megan.  When Jerry passed away, she went even more out of control than she already had been.  (She has a long history of ADHD, & Bi-polar disorder).

During her struggles, Megan ended up seeking out her biological mother after a year of no contact. She went to live with her the day I buried Jerry. Megan had been living with us since she was 10 yrs. old. She will be 17 this year.

I can honestly say with a clear conscience that my late husband and I did our best with her.  She came back in October of 2004 after being with her biological mother for 7 months, while I was dating my fiance' Ray. Together, Ray and I gave it a go.  Unfortunately there was no progress with Megan. The Lord had another direction planned for her life. Thankfully I had Ray to help me through the process of letting her go. I was tired, and I finally turned it over to the Lord.

The exciting news is that I re-married on January 1, 2005 to Ray, and aside from some less than satisfactory financial conditions, we are happy. We have each other, and are close with the Lord. I never would have believed I could find true love and such an exacting soul-mate after the death of my late husband Jerry almost one year ago.  The Lord had a wonderful plan for my life.  I am re-building my life with my wonderful husband Ray, his daughter Clarissa (who lives in Alice, TX.) his sisters and their families, and his mom and dad, all of whom I already love very much.  My mom and sister continue to be of great support as well.

My weight is currently 359. I have been on a plateau for some time now. After these last few months of dealing with Megan's struggles, the holidays, and preparing for our wedding, I am not being too hard on myself.  I know the weight will start to come off once again. I think I've done really well considering just a year ago I weighed in at right around 627 pounds!  I praise the Lord for this new start in life. God is good!

I will be posting some pictures of me and my new hubby just as soon as I get the chance. Good luck to everyone, and feel free to contact me anytime.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all my AMOS brothers and sisters that I will never be able to repay, for all the support from the time I registered on this site in November of 2002.  The only thing I can try to do is 'pay it forward'.

I'll be the first to admit I am terrible at keeping in touch, but I will at least try to post every now and then and keep this profile updated occasionally. Wherever you are in your journey, I wish you the best, and please know I am praying for everyone on this site. Take good care, and Godspeed.

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