hello, i'm jenny. let me start off by telling you about my amazing daughter. her name is alyssa and she is 4 years old. she already knows how to use the computer, she's learning to read and she takes gymnastics.  she's my whole life.... and the reason i want to lose this weight and get healthy. i love her soooooo much! (i'm a single mom and she lives with me and my parents)

now a little about how i got so fat...i was always heavy growing up as a kid, but by the time i reached high school i was 320lb. then i lost about 100 lbs. and i kept it off for a few years. then my cousin, christian, who was my very best friend was killed in a car accident. then my grandma died just 5 months after christian. and i started gaining lots and lots of weight..... now my highest ever was 425lbs. right now i'm down to 399lbs and my surgery date is scheduled for april 14, 2008.

i'd like to ask for prayers from everyone for a good, SAFE surgery on the 14th. i'm pretty nervous. i've had numerous other surgeries, but every time i'm about to go under the knife i have massive panic attacks. i'm also diagnosed bi-polar with generalized anxiety disorder. thanks everyone!!!

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