my first fill

Apr 10, 2009

Yesterday I had my first fill.  There was nothing to it.  Dr. Woodman had me lay with the arch of my back on a pillow and my arms above my head.  He put some antiseptic on my stomach and sprayed some numbing stuff on it too.  Then he said to pooch my stomach out as far as I could.  He felt around for about a second and then I felt the pressure of the needle going in.  It took all of 5 seconds and I was done.  Afterwards for the rest of yesterday I was hurting a little, but it was more like someone was just constantly pinching me.  Nothing bad at all.

I had lost 12lbs since surgery, 20lbs since pre-op diet, and a total of 11% of my excess weight.  My surgeon was not happy with me.  He wanted me to lose more.  He's really sort of a jerk.....well....actually he is a jerk about it.  He told me I wouldn't be successful and that I need to mature some.  He also said I've already stretched my pouch because I'm eating more than a saucer of food.  He's big on breaking people down.  Good thing I knew this ahead of time and so I didn't let him get to me.

I thought I was supposed to eat until I was full.  He corrected me on that yesterday and said I should eat until satisfied and NEVER more than a saucer of food.  So now that I'm clear on that, I'll stick to that method.

Yes, I could have done better, but this is a process and I'm just learning.  I'll get there though.  You see, I hear he makes patients cry.  Not this patient!  His comments just fire me up and make me want to show him what I can do.

My exercise is going well though.  I'm up to 1.9 miles in 40 minutes.  My goal is 2 miles in 30 minutes.  (at least my short term goal anyway)

Well here I go on another week of this journey.  I've made it through the first 5 and I'm looking forward to many, many more weeks of losing weight and getting healthy!


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