First appt, Monday, May 3rd..

May 01, 2010

I am so excited and scared at the same time...I keep trying to get everything done around my house so when people come to visit me after surgery, my house will be clean..But I am not cleaning at all,,I am just worn out all the time..With working, raising kids and running here and there...when I sit down at night,,I do not get up to clean the house..So I am in a mess with housework, so overwhelmed I don't know where to begin!!! And I am obsessed with the computer seeking websites about weight loss surgery, ect...Anyone else feel overwhelemd?  I am not crying about it, I am asking for advice...Any would be apprecaited... I will fill you all in on my appointment...And my insurance covers gastric bypass, but not the sleeve which is what I want to get...

Very Afraid

Apr 18, 2010

Tomorrow, I have my first appointment with docs, so we will see what they say.  I am thinking about getting the gastric sleeve, that way I will still digest all my food through my stomach and won't have vitamin problems.  Has anyone else heard anything about the sleeve?  Thanks

Just Starting

Apr 11, 2010

Hello all, My name is Jenny and I am sending my insurance card to my weight loss surgeons office in the morning to see if approved.. I already called insurance company and know that they cover surgery..So I am excited.. but also scared to death.  I have heard horror stories about Gastric by-pass surgery, but also have heard very encouraging stories.  So tomorrow, is the beginning of a new life,,new energy... and a healthy lifestyle..Also quitting smoking tomorrow..
Today is April, 11, 2010 and I weigh 292 pounds and am 5 "7..  I promise myself, I will walk for at least 15 minutes tomorrow evening..Please pray for me everyone...Thanks

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