Andrew Hargroder

"Dr. Hargroder is first of all very busy (was 2 hours late to the first group consult) because he is in high demand. He is very knowledgable, confident, honest and does not appear to be as conservative as other docs. For example, he does not mandate a pre-surgery diet as he thinks it is unreasonable. This is usually done to reduce the size of the liver and make surgery easier--again he is confident in his ability and maybe a bit of a risk taker? He also let me know that I cannot compare pre-op success to post-op because my taste will change most likely. He really believes the brain and stomach are rewired after surgery to change the impulse to eat. Since the Weight Loss Surgery Center of BR is a \"Bariatric Center of Excellence\" I knew they had met a certain standard of care and were required to have aftercare which for me, a mental health professional, knew was of the utmost importance. The office staff is busy, but attentive and very friendly and compassionate. "

Vista Surgical Center

"It seemed the staff to patient ration was incredible--my parents even commented that it seemed there were only 2 others on my floor the night I was there. Everytime I called for something--they were there within seconds it seemed. Overall, very good impression!"
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