Today is THE day!!!

Jul 15, 2007

Well, it is now 5:05 AM and I will be leaving for the hospital shortly.  I have to be there at 6:30 AM.

Today is finally the day of my surgery.  I am so excited!  Guess that's why I couldn't

I have waited my entire life for something like this to happen, and now that it is, it's almost surreal.  To think that I may someday actually be thin - how amazing is that?  I have never, ever, been thin my entire life.  I look forward to seeing the new "outer" me!!

Okay, gotta go make sure I have everything together!   Wish me luck!!!

I'll post as soon as I feel up to it to let everyone know how things are going!!


Let's Get This Party Started!!

Jun 10, 2007

I had my pre-surgical visit on June 7, 2007 with Dr. Eibes and set my surgery date for July 16, 2007 at Iowa Methodist in Des Moines.  I will have my pre-op physical on July 12, 2007 with my local doctor.  

I know it's only a few short weeks away, but I am ready to get this party started!   I know it won't be a cake walk, and I will have to really work at eating right and exercising, but I look forward to starting a whole new chapter in my life - one that I can be proud of!!  And I really look forward to having that "full" feeling and from what I have heard, you have to remember to eat - that's amazing to me and I can't wait to experience everything, the good and the bad!!


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Today is THE day!!!
Let's Get This Party Started!!