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Jul 06, 2009

I have been working on a new article and it is finally up and running ...

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Oh The Pain

Dec 22, 2007

Upon returning home from your surgeries, I often get that question, "Joie, how did you manage the pain or discomfort when you returned home?" I will just post here a reply made recently to a friend when asked how I managed the pain, stating that she is not able to get up and around as well as she thought she would, once she returned home.

Well my friend, perhaps it be best you just count your blessings that you can get up! I may not be the best one to ask in regards to pain. I lived in chronic pain for so many years, I mean pain! It continued to get worse and worse, getting up at all, was getting to the point of not being an option, because of the pain. I had thought the pain mainly stemmed from my weight tugging on my back.

When I went for my WLS and was coming out of the anesthesia, my doctor was there, standing over me, I smiled and he said, "Joie, I am sorry but we were not able to do the weight loss surgery because we found some abnormal tissue on your liver, therefore we backed out. We do not want to do surgery if there are going to be other issues you need to tend to first. My heart fell to my feet. Once I was able to get out of the bed, they sent me home.

My Mom picked me up but the pain was so incredible, I thought I was going to literally die! I had to hold back from screaming all the way home, and sometimes the screams still slipped out. The pain meds I was sent home with barely touched it and I was only given enough to last a week. The pain I was experiencing was so bad, I had to go to my doctor and ask for something and something much stronger. The pain did last for over two weeks, thats over two weeks of horrible misery. My Mom had to stay with me during this time, I could not get up or around at all with out the aide of my Mom. We were even contemplating on calling my doctor to see if I could get home nursing assistance. It was really, that bad!

So ... after everything went to pathology and my liver tested fine, I was rescheduled for surgery approximately 4 weeks later. Honestly, I almost canceled the surgery because I was not sure I would be able to endure that kind of pain again. I was scared to death, not of dying, but of that pain, I think I would prefer death. But I did not cancel, that long battle just to get this surgery, had just been too long and too frustrating not to follow through.

When I came out of anesthesia this time, no doctor was present, I quickly checked my stomach to see if I could see any evidence that it actually happened. Then I was reassured by a nurse that yes it happened and I was doing well. Soon after I was sent to my room and my Mom was waiting for me.

My Mom told me that when the doctor came out of my surgery, he was tired. He said that the surgery took him much longer than it should have, not because of the bypass, but because of my gall bladder. My gall bladder was also removed at the time. He informed my Mom, that he had never ever seen a gall bladder that infected before, that it was a wonder that I was able to survive at all with it for so long, not only because of the pain, but because of the actual infection. It could not even be removed as a solid organ, it tore apart into tiny little pieces, which is why it took so long.

After I came out of anesthesia, I was pain free! Or it seemed to me I was pain free! The pain that I experienced was so minor in comparison to what I feared, to what I had lived with for such a long time, that to me, it was nothing! I immediately got up out of bed, went for long walks in the hallways, even went outside! I visited other patients and the nurses, they were all applauding me in amazement of how well I was doing.  I just wanted to dance for JOY!

The pain that I had experienced and had expected from my first failed experience, was pain caused by my gall bladder being disturbed, it had nothing to do with WLS. So, my friend, I guess my best advise to share with you is .. enjoy your pain, count your blessings, as the saying goes, it could always be worse!


Prayer Request for Janet

Dec 21, 2007

Just receiving word from Janet's daughter, Jenna. Janet's  recent WLS has not gone so well, she is currently in ICU. Please pray for Janet, Jenna and her family, asking our Lord for healing. I have asked her daughter to keep us updated on Janet's progress.

Janet's Profile Link

O' God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: merciful accept our prayers and grant to your servant Janet, the help of your power, that her struggles now, will be turned into health and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen

Just A Few Things That Change

Dec 17, 2007

Listening to the excitement of many of you that are now facing your big surgery dates or have just started the journey on the other side, it caused me to reflect upon some of those big new moments in my life. I will share a few of those with you.

The Flirts
I pulled into a gas station, got out to pump and a man also pumping gas started looking at me really weird. My thoughts were, "What? Do I look funny or something?" This was not the typical stare I was use to! Feeling very uncomfortable, not sure why he was staring at me in such a way. Duh, it then finally hit me, he was working very hard at giving me that eye, the big flirt! This was the first big flirt and it blew my mind!

Driving down the road with my Parents, I was in the back seat. We were on our way to Lake Tahoe, stopped in the usual Placerville traffic, and a very young man in a white pick up continued to pull a long side of us. He was smiling and waving at me each time he passed. My Mom said, looks like you have an admirer! I said, "Yep, and he is really cute! I need to roll down my window and ask him if he has a single Dad!"

The White Chair
My Mom has a couple of those white plastic patio chairs on her front porch. I never being able to sit in them, would often stand while talking with her. One day she said to me, "Joie, why don't you have a seat?" I replied, "Mom, you know I can't fit into them!" She said, "Joie, that was 100 pounds ago!" I said, "Oh yeah!" So I sat down and lo and behold, I did fit and with lots of room to spare! That was a trip because sometimes we are so use to our lives being what they are, we forget that it has changed.

The Bath
I still forget that I can enjoy the luxury of a nice bubble bath. I can now lay down in the tub and let the water completely cover my body! It feels so wonderful, so make sure you enjoy this luxury once in awhile. Treat yourself to some really nice products, light a few candles and pamper yourself, you deserve it!

The Automatic Doors
Before losing the weight, even though I was very ill and at that time, could really use a helping hand of kindness, when I would approach a door at any store or establishment, I was ignored, the doors were shut in my face.

Since the weight loss, man or woman, especially men, if they are near the door, it is always held open for me. I have even had men back track just to open the door for me, including kids! Yes I do very much appreciate it as I so remember how I was treated before. However, it still saddens me that we as a people have such a lack of respect for those who are living at large. I could have used a bit of that respect before surgery. I just make it a point to never forget where I came from, because that is who I am. Treat all  people with love and respect!

Remembering Who Your Friends Are
There were people at work that while I was living in an obese body, never could even muster up a smile or hello in passing. After the weight loss, some of the very same people suddenly wanted to be my best friend. I being who I am, was kind in return. However, I had their number, of who they really were in regards to their character. Those that loved me prior, accepted me prior, those are the best, the keepers for life! They took the time to know me, Joie.

Good Morning!
Wow! It feels incredible to jump out of bed instead of slowly crawling out of bed!

The Best For Last
Many many things have changed, but the best things that have changed is my quality time with my daughter

The first time she became so excited because she could hug me and actually wrap her arms all the way around me! Pretty Cool!

Taking my daughter to our first trip together at an amusement park, riding all of the rides with her! Not that I liked those rides, but being able to share this experience was incredible!

Going on the hiking trails with my daughter and actually getting to the top and still having my breath!

Buying us both bikes and riding the trails along the river!

Getting into a bathing suit and swimming with my daughter!

The list is endless.

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Dec 07, 2007

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