5 more days

May 06, 2011

my surgery is in 5 more days.. I have been doing realy great on my liquid diet.. I have already lost 14lbs.. I have to admit  i'm really not a fan of broth anymore..lol popsicles help alot.. But anyways.. I found out at my last visit to the Dr. that i have gall stones.. so I have to have my gall bladder removed.. so that will add an extra 3.0 mins on to my surgery time.. Oh well as long as I come out alive.. I will e happy

Liquid diet

Apr 30, 2011

Ok so I have been on this liquid diet thing for 4 days now.. If i drink all the protien shakes on top of clear fluids i don't feel hungry at all.. I was curious to see how many calories i was getting a day and was surprised to see i was at 1150. Just think if i was eating on top of that.. No wonder I'm fat..lol  I'm not hungry i just miss chewing if that makes any sense..lol

Tests, tests and more tests

Apr 26, 2011

I went to the hospital today and did all my pre op testing.. I felt like a rat lab..lol.. I was hungry tired and anxious.. The staff there was great and tried to make my day as plesant as possible. Well only one more test at the end of the month and im on my way.. Tomorrow i have to start the liquid diet.. My daughter took me out for my "last Supper" My favorite Mexican resturant.. and of course i had my Margarita..  So tomorrow will be the first day of my journey to a new me. 

2 more days

Apr 25, 2011

well only 2 more days until i start my 2 week protein shake and clear fluid diet.. My kids want me to eat everything possible now..lol  I can't believe it or not.. Just haven't had a good appetiete lately. Oh well .. I went to the store and bought all mu supplies.. I'm excited 

Got my Surgery Date

Apr 21, 2011

Well I went to see Dr Hachem today and My surgey date is set for May 11th 2011.. Im so excited.. He was very nice and explained everything in full detail. He made me feel very comfortable. So I have to start this protien liquid diet on April 27th.. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good tasting protien shake.. That is if there are any?? lol

Jolynn's Journey of new life

Apr 20, 2011

Tomorrow (4/21/11) I am going to meet with the Dr. to get my surgery date.. Iam both nervous and excited.. I want to begin this journey ahead of me. Although I know it won't be easy.. I am ready for the challenge and the new lifestyle..

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