Jun 05, 2007

I havn't posted since my pre-op appointment but I will try to think back and catch up on what happened and how I am doing so far. I have been so busy with the end of the school year.  Summer has finally arrived for me and I do not return to work until mid August.  That's one of the benefits of  working for a school district!

Let's see, on 3/21/07 I was taken into surgery about 10:30 am and my husband was told it would take approximately 2 hours.  So the clock kept ticking away and 3 1/2 hours later my husband was freaking out Dr. Hahn came out and said I was fine however, he had found deverticulitous in my colon and needed to remove 12 inches of my colon which took longer for surgery than expected.  My husband was relieved to hear that I was okay since he was totally freaking out and no one came out to let him know anything until it was all done.  

I felt pretty sore but no nasua or sickness to my stomach after surgery.  I was on pain medication every 4 hours and tried to walk every 2 - 3 hours while I was in the hospital.  The nursing staff and Dr. Hahn were very good and I felt very comfortable with them taking care of me.  Didn't have an appetitie for about 3 weeks and then started drinking my protein drinks and a little bit of pureed foods.  At my 2 weeks appointment I had lost 15 pounds.  And at my 6 week I had only lost 5 more.  Dr. Hahn said it was due to all the trauma my body had gone through and to keep up the good work.  I am eating anywhere from 500 - 750 calories a day and that's pushing it.  I get in approximately 80-100 grams of protein between food and my shakes.  Most of the protein comes from shakes because I am never hungry.

As of today 6/5/07 I have lost a total of 66 pounds (33 prior surgery and 33 after surgery).  It's hard to believe!  I have started in a 24 pant size and now am in a loose 18.  Almost into a size 16.  My shirts went from 2X down to XL in regular misses.  No more woman's sizes ever again!!  I am averging about 10 -12 pounds a month weight loss.  I still struggle to get all my water in on a daily basis and somedays my protein too.  Only 50 something until my personal goal! 

Pre Op Appointment on Friday, March 16th, 2007

Mar 18, 2007

I weighed in for the last time before surgery on the 21st and am down 7 pounds below my goal.  WOW what an accomplishment!  I met with Dr. Hahn on today and we went over all the imformation about the risks, health issues, etc. concerning my surgery.  Then I signed the consent forms on the dotted lines.  Boy did reality set in when I did that.  Took a full lab panel of blood and EKG.  I am very exciting with on a few days left to go before I too am on the loser's bench.

I HAVE A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 10, 2007

Well let's see, it has all happened so fast.  I called Kaiser on March 5th to see if all my paperwork was still sitting on Dr. Hahn's desk, and yes the reply was "yes, it will take a few weeks for us to review and get back to you with a surgery date and were looking 2-3 months out".  I figured sometime in May or June.  

Friday, March 9th they called and asked if I would be available for surger on March 21st.  Apparently there was a cancellation and they needed someone to fill that surgery spot.  I explained to her that I needed to contact work and make sure everything was a go there since it was short notice.  I called my boss at home and explained to her how it all come about so suddenly and she said GO FOR IT!  Don't worry about work, we will handle it.  I can't believe after a year in a half of going through the process it has finally arrive!

Finished all the necessary requirements for Kaiser ...

Feb 23, 2007

Well I had my last pshysologial evaluation yesterday with Dr. Kovitz in Union City at Kaiser.  All went well, really it was a waist of time since she asked and informed me on the same information at my surgeon, Dr. Hahn has already discussed with me.  But that's ok, now just sit and still waiting for a call from Nancy Phippen to let me know my surgery date.

Kasier called ......

Feb 06, 2007

Well on Monday, February 5th Kaiser called and said that my file was on Dr. Hahn's desk along with many others and after reviewing it I would be getting a call in approximately 3 weeks letting me know my surgery date.  Most likely it will be somtime in May.  I can't believe it's finally almost here.  It's only been about 1 1/2 years since I started this stupid process.

Now I have to be patient and wait AGAIN!!!!!!!! 


Feb 01, 2007

Well I woke up this morning around 5:00 am and rolled out of bed to get on the scale.  Much to my surprise, I had hit my goal weight my doctor wanted me to achieve prior to getting my surgery date.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!  I was so happy.  I called Kaiser and left a message explaining to the receptionist asking her to call me back on my cell because I was patiently waiting for that special date to put on my calendar.  I gave my cell for them to call me back instead of the house line because I had alot of errands to run today.  What did they do, they called the house when I was at the mall and left a message for me to call them back and they would be there until 5:00pm.  Guess what time I returned home from the mall; 5:08 pm.  I was bummed so I guess tomorrow is another day to get that date on my calendar. 

Met with My Surgeon and on my way ......

Jan 27, 2007


Well let's see, I left my house at 7:00 am in the morning and headed to Kaiser Fremont for my consult with my surgeon, Dr. Hahn, the dietician and program coordinator.  How excited I was and hardly slept the night before.  I met with my dietician first and went over how I was doing in regards to my 10%.  I had lost a total of 19 pounds since December.  WOW, was I surprised and very excitied.  I guess all my hard work has started to pay off.  About an hour later I finally met with my surgeon and went over all the necessary paperwork and he told me that I only had to lose 6 more pounds until I receive my surgery date.  I was totally shocked because I thought I had to lose another 11 pounds (guess I can't do the math, ha ha).  Needless to say, I will take the additional 6 pounds to lose instead of my 11.  He scheduled me to take all my pre opt lab, xray and EKG today as well.  WOW, this is moving fast!  I am scheduled to meet with the physiciatrist on February 22.  By then I hope to have lost all my 10% (6 more pounds to go) and have a surgery date by then.  Looks like sometime in beginning of April.  Started taking my vitamins and walking on my treadmill daily.  My dietician said I need to starting trying different protien drinks and find one I can tolerate and you guessed it, start drinking!!!  I will give you an update once I meet with the phychiatrist.  See ya ..... 

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