T minus 1 day

Apr 15, 2008

First things first--I'm in the Century Club!  I've lost 100 lbs. since I was banded--I now weigh what I weighed @  my wedding, and also, less that my husband.  I have bony shoulders!  So.....

One day till surgery for incisional hernia removal and implants.  Holy crap Batman!  One day?  I'm not ready.  Yes I am, just extremely nervous.  I've tried to figure out why; I guess it's because I'm when I come home on friday, it's straight into last minute Passover prep.  
Passover begins @ sundown on Saturday nite, but because Saturday is Shabbat (Sabbath), no preparations can be made; everything has to be finished before sundown on Friday.  So, today I'm doing last-minute shopping, cooking the main dish (brisket, of course) and freezing it--It's a fairly complicated recipe, so I'm doing it myself, but  my family can make the roast chicken, soup,side dishes, etc. on Friday.
Of course I'm worried about some type of complication keeping me in the hospital--that would be a disaster.  but I'm praying that doesn't happen.
I think it's pretty sick that I would wonder how much the stuff they're cutting away from my abdomen is going to weigh (1-2 lbs?) then wondering how much the implants will weigh (1 lb. max??  they better not weigh more!) and thinking all kind of weird thoughts..
When I saw my PS this past Monday, I was SO nervous.  He asked why--he said "I'm not going to hurt you TODAY"  LOL, he's such a riot.  Actually I really love him.  He's VERY excited for me.  Did I mention that because I've had breast cancer, I'm "entitled" (insurance-wise) to implants.  So I'll come out of this w/a flat belly & nice boobs.  He takes such pride in his work that he wants me to wear a bikini this summmer (that's SO not happening).
anyhoo, I'll post again when I get home if I can.  Does anyone really read this stuff, or is it just just a self-indulgent exercise?  Or I guess you could call it journaling, which I never got the hang of anyway.

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Mar 25, 2008

Wow, how time flies!  

I'm now 9 lbs. from goal and I just can't believe it.

People who I 've known for years walk right past me.

I went to my PS, whom I hadn't seen in 2 years, and he did it too!  He was so thrilled for me, I started crying! 

Speaking of the PS, I'm going in on 4/17 for abdominal hernia repair--caused by the weight loss after the tram-flap reconstruction for my mastectomy.   I have pain (comes & goes, sometimes severe, but not lasting) on either side of my abdomen and big lumps/knots at either side of the lower abdomen w/a roll connecting them!.   The end result will be a flat tummy and...IMPLANTS!!!

When I told the PS jokingly that I was sorry his reconstructed boobs had sagged so much, he said "Karen, you had cancer, you're entitled to implants."  Needless to say, I was floored.

So, the only time the 2 surgeons (Dr. Garber and the PS) could operate together is 4/14, just 2 days before Passover.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I plan to get everything ready beforehand, and my 20-year-old daughter, 18-yr. old son and my  hubby, who's not feeling too bad lately, will be doing everything after.  Needless to say, I'll be pretty well-medicated for the seders!

It's been too long!

Jan 05, 2008

I can't believe how much my life has changed.  It's evident every single day.

I wear a size 10 now!  A 10!  I'm not buying new clothes except for a suit for job interviews.   But I did try on several suits and skirts & blouses to make sure I'm really a 10!  I started at an 18 this time around; before the band I was a 20+   I'm having a lot of stuff taken in--a size 14 skirt was taken in 4 inches.

It's not just the clothes, obviously.  It's the fact that I fit into a plane seat without wondering if the loosest belt will fit!  It's looking at "before" pics and actually not believing that was ME.  It's crossing my legs.  It's my cholesterol being normal; it's my bp being almost normal.    It's meeting people for the first time and them seeing me for me, and me not the weight--even if it was just in MY head, it was taking up too must space there.

A biggie for me:  I bought an elliptical last week and started @ 4 minutes thinking I was going to pass out.  Now I'm up to 10, really going good!  I think the key is the iPod!  (LOL)  My goal is 20 min, 4 - 5X week.  I'll be happy with that & try to work up to 30 min, etc.

My husband compliments me all the time; my kids come home and tell me that their friends compliment me.  

But most important of all, I can be an inspiration to my daughter, who's still safely/healthily banded.  She too was banded in Mexico.  We had let the "care & upkeep" of the band slip--we knew she needed a fill but was out of the country for most of last year.  Recently we went to Dr. Holver.  He did an upper GI, endoscopy & CT scan (she still gets that shoulder pain that is usually gone after a couple of months after banding.)
Dr. Holover thinks it's just referred pain from a nerve around the band...nothing to worry about.  ANYWAY, she's back on track--she already lost 50 lbs, gave up for about 6 months, and now since she got filled by Holover 1.5 weeks ago has lost another 7 lbs.  She's 20, really wants to meet someone.  She weighs in the 160's and is certainly attractive to boys, but her self-esteem is so tied up in her weight...well we've all been there.

I'm also looking for a new job--my contract won't be renewed after May.  This time around, the last thing I have to worry about on interviews is my weight.

Thank you, my friends of OH for your help, support & encouragement.  I don't think anyone can do this alone!

slow loser

Aug 05, 2007

Well it's been over 6 weeks since my RNY/band removal. It wasn't easy--I had an easier time giving birth. My doc had to increase my pain meds after 5 days, I developed an infection @ site of my drain & had a stricture @ 3 weeks out. Hopefully the 2 endoscopies I've had cured the stricture. I only needed antibiotics for the infection. Hopefully my problems are finished.

Anytime I've had a problem & called Dr. Garber's office, either Dr. Garber or Holover was on the phone with me within minutes. I emailed Dr. Garber without knowing he was on vacation in Europe, and he emailed me right back! When I saw him & thanked him, he said "Oh, I love keeping in touch w/my patients from wherever I am." Amazing!

I'm starting to eat normal foods--today I had toast w/fresh tomatoe broiled on it topped by mozeralla ch. I didn't really eat the toast, just the crust, but it was amazing.

I haven't lost that much weight; only 22 lbs. Many people lose that in the first 2 weeks. But as long as I'm losing, I guess I can't complain.

I'm still amazed that I'm on this journey & looking forward to seeing what the future will bring. I JUST WISH I WERE LOSING FASTER!

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