I have always had a battle with my weight.  I've lost the same 50 to 60 pounds over and over again. Now for the last two years I've been unable to lose ANY weight.  I've weighed 205 pounds for two years, no matter was I do.  I can starve or I can eat like a pig and I stay the same.  I'm only 5'1", so the 205 is a lot on my short body!

I have insulin-dependent diabetes, have had since I was 15 and now I'm 46.  I have neuropathy in my upper right thigh and both of my feet from the diabetes.  I also have high blood pressure. My PCP is afraid if I don't have the surgery, I will have severe heart disease in a couple of years. 

I finally won the battle, after one year, with my insurance company and got approved for WLS.  I'm having BPD/DS on October 17.  I can't wait!

I'm ready for a new and better life.

I'm married for 15 years to a wonderful man and I have an 11 year old daughter, may angel, Gabrielle.  I've worked as an administrative assistant for the State of Nebraska for the Probation System for almost 23 years.

I will keep you posted as time goes on.




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