6 Weeks Post-Op/Christmas

Dec 27, 2008

I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks since my surgery!!  The time has flown by and things get easier every day.  I got through my 4-week emotional low fairly quickly (not that it made it any easier).  The bitterly cold, constantly snowy weather didn't help the problem, so I hit the tanning bed to get myself some extra rays to cheer me up.  I also started losing again after my weeks 2-4 stall.  As of today I'm 240#, which is a 39# loss.  I have been here for several days so I think I'm entering stall number two!  They are annoying but Janelle (the office dietician) says this is normal. 

I had my 6 week appnt on Tuesday and they seem happy with things so far.  My port sites are healing very nicely and they say I'm on track for weight loss.  I just get to keep up the same stuff and at my 3 month appnt they will check all my labs.

Eating and drinking are getting a lot easier (thank goodness)!  So far I haven't found anything I don't tolerate, although meats are difficult.  I can only get about 2 small bites down before I get a pressure/pain under my left ribs that lasts a few minutes and I obviously have to stop.  I'm eating a lot of cheese and fruits and am starting to integrate raw veggies into my diet.  As for drinking, I'm able to take larger drinks at a time now so it's getting easier to get fluids in.  I'm still not at goal with this, but I'm getting better!

Christmas was easier than I thought with all the food everywhere.  My family is super supportive and made sure we had "snacky" foods that I could eat.  They are getting used to how I eat now and what I can/cannot have. 

I'm also trying to integrate into the whole dating world that has always eluded me!  I went out with friends a few weeks ago and even though I really haven't lost a lot of weight yet, the increased male attention was quite apparent!  I think maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm already feeling more confident and I'm sure this is showing.  So I decided to sign up for eHarmony and see what is out there.  I was straight forward and said I recently had the surgery in my profile so that those who had an issue with it were weeded out right away.  So far I've gone on one date with a really nice guy and I've been continuing to talk to him at least once a day...and another date is in the near future. :) 

I also went back to work yesterday.  I really thought 6 weeks off would be excessive but I honestly really didn't feel ready to go back until the past week.  It's like everything finally clicked and I started really feeling well without all the fatigue, etc.  I was very happy I took the full 6 weeks off!  I usually work 3 12hr shifts per week and I'm starting off the first 2 weeks only working 3 8hr shifts per week to ease back into normal life.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed being away from work, I think it will be good to have some structure back in my life.

Well, that is my 6 week post-op update in a nutshell!  More to come!

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