December 5, 2007 -  I went to see Debbie Valin on Monday, December 3rd, (The Dr.'s wife who is also the nurse for the practice).  I lost 4 lbs since my last fill in September. She filled my band with another .50 ccs to a total of 2.75 ccs. I felt OK sipping my water in the office but when I got to the car I started with the hiccups (I get the hiccups a lot when I am full) well I hiccupped and the water came up.  I figured I would wait a while and it would be OK.  I didn't think I would ever be too restricted but I definitely was.  I could hardly get fluids down, only a sip or two every 15 minutes or so.  I ate only 2 spoonfuls of yogurt and felt like it was in my throat.  So I decided it was time to call the office, it had been two days of this.  I went in today and Debbie took out .25 ccs, so I am at 2.50 ccs total now.  The good news is I had lost another 4 lbs since Monday! I guess it was worth suffering a bit for 2 days.  Anyway, my next appointment is for March so I really hope to have at least another 15 lbs off, if not more. My total weight loss since surgery 9 months ago is now 68.5 lbs.  I can't complain! I have at least another 20 lbs to go.

September 26, 2007 - I went to Dr. Valin's office for a fill today and they were amazed on how well I have done.  Debbie Valin said I am obviously doing everything right, I was down 60.5 lbs!  They filled my band to 2.25 ccs.  I am down from a size 20 to a loose 12.  I posted new pictures. 

August 1, 2007-  I stopped in just to hop on the scale and today I am down 49 lbs! I can easily fit into a size 14 but can wear a 12 (a bit snug though). I still can't believe how my appetite has changed.  I know everyone if different, but this surgery changes your entire appetite and outlook on food.  It's just amazing.
June  20, 2007-  I had had my second fill. (2.0 ccs) This little amount made a HUGE difference.  I was down 40 lbs at this visit. They scheduled another visit for 12 weeks out since they say my progress is great. I feel like a new person already!

May 14, 2007 - It been a little while...I went back to the surgeon for my first fill on April 18th (1.75cc).  I had lost 28 lbs at that point.  I know in the month since I went for the fill, I have lost more but i don't get on the scale (mine doesn't work) and i don't want to drive myself crazy.  I know I went down 2 sizes since the surgery and I feel great.  ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.  I am very happy with myself.  I had one small episode while eating salad.  i must not have chewed a peice well enough and it got stuck and almost came up.... It wasn't fun but that was the only time I felt any different.  Of course I do fill up quickly and eat only 3 very small meals a day.  I can truely say, I have not been hungry at all since the surgery.

March 26, 2007 - Well, I had my surgery on March 9th.  Believe it or not, I was not a bit nervous at all.  The surgery went without any problems.  The first two days were quite uncomfortable but each day after I felt better and better.  After about a week, I felt back to myself.  I am now down a dress size and feel wonderful.  I had my post-op check up and got a thumbs up.  I am so happy I made this decision and had Walter Lindstrom ( handle my appeal for me.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Life is looking good again.  For anyone who is looking into surgery, the diet stages so far are easy because you are not really hungry at all.  So far I have not even craved anything.  I think the protein intake really helps that.

February 13th, 2007 - OK, it's been a while.  I was denied by Blue Cross inthe initial request, saying the surgery was not medically necessary.   By the way, I did find out I have mild sleep apnea.  So after the denial Dr. Valin's office put through a 1st level appeal.  Blue Cross also denied the 1st level appeal. At that point Debbie Valin referred me to a lawyer, Walter Lindstrom of California.  I contacted him via his website, and he told me about a program that the band manufacturer has.  If you qualify for the program, the manufacturer pays the legal expenses on your behalf.  I applied and was accepted into the program.  Thank you Walter for telling me about the program! After collecting and forwarding ALL of my obesity related medical information to Walter and his wife Kelley, they finally sent in the 2nd level appeal for me.  GUESS WHAT.... I received approval on Friday!!!!  Dr. Valin's office called today to schedule my surgery and pre-ops!!  My surgery will be on March 9th.  I am so excited.  I have been reading Lap Band stories and most of the time very inspired.  I will post again after the surgery if all goes well with my pre-ops.  keep your fingers crossed for me.  Also, anyone researching...DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT IF INSURANCE DENIES YOU.  There is hope.  Contact Walter Lindstrom at Walter Lindstrom had both RNY and Lap Band surgery.  He and his wife, Kelley are wonderful people and a pleasure to deal with.  Without them, I would not be scheduled for surgery!!

October 23rd, 2006 - I called the sugeon's ofice today to see if they have received the sleep study results yet.  They said they have the results.  My PCP was on vacation recently so it took them longer to send the results over to Dr. Valin's office than I expected.  I asked how long before they will be submitting to my insurance, she said she wasn't sure... I explained that I am just trying to find out how the process works.  Apparently, after the request is reviewed, they notify the surgeon's office, who will then notify me.  So here I wait some more.................

Sept 25, 2006 - I went for my sleep study this past Friday. It was an experience... The technician wasn't allowed to say what she observed but from what she did say, the only thing she could see wrong is I grind my teeth. She did tell me that if I lost weight, I would probably sleep better. Hmmm.... maybe the doctor that reads my test can write that in his report for the insurance company. They say the results take about three weeks. My PCP said she usually gets the results within a week. So here I wait.......

Sept 6, 2006 - I had my appointment with Debbie Valin. Lost almost 8 lbs from the protein diet :-) Basically, my BMI is too low to submit to insurance without waiting for the blood tests and doing a sleep apnia test. My bloodwork came back fine, now I'm waiting for the sleep clinic to call me to schedule the appointment.
I am disappointed that the insurance company may not approve me without having more serious medical issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc. I am acutally praying that they tell me I have sleep apnia......... I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Sept 3, 2006 - Day two of the protein fast. This is the easy part for me since I am used of protein diets. Don't get me wrong, I still have to stop myself from looking in the cabinet for a snack!!
Still can't wait until the appt with the Surgeon!!

August 25, 2006 - Both the nutritionist and phycologist say I am a good candidate. I have an appointment with the surgeons office now and will do the protein fast diet (compliance test) 5 days prior to show I can follow directions. I will have to prove I have Ketones in my urine. No problem for me, I do well on the protein diet. The problem is staying on it for a long while.

August 2006 - I have started the process again of trying to have the Lap Band surgery. (Last year I started but found out my insurance did not cover bariatric surgery any longer so I had to give up). I have now made appointments with the phycologist and the nutritionist. I am trying not to get too excited because I am not sure what is going to happen. My BMI is considered to be on the low side and I don't have enough serious medical problems due to my weight. I am 5' 6" and have a BMI of 39.

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