Almost to 100 ...

Mar 27, 2009

I got on the scale this morning and I am only 5 lbs away from having lost 100! That's right, I've lost 95 lbs. Woo hoo! I went to the dr the other day with a sinus infection and realized I don't even care that they weigh me every time. I was like, whatever, the number's going down. What a change from before, when I would want to take off my coat, shoes, everything I could to make the scale go down a few more pounds. 

The past few weeks have been a challenge ... I haven't been feeling well, I've been very busy AND I broke up with the guy I had been dating for 5 months. His lifestyle was pretty unhealthy and I decided enough was enough. So now I'm back to being single Catherine ... it's been an adjustment and I haven't always been happy but what can you do?!

A few weeks ago, I went to one of Clarian's bariatric seminars to speak as a patient. Dr. Ditslear was doing the seminar and his office called to ask me if I'd be willing to talk. There had to have been close to 100 people there! Yikes! Fortunately I don't mind public speaking but still. I talked for probably 5 minutes then answered questions for about 15-20. It was great to see Dr. Ditslear, as I usually see his PA during my appointments.  


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