Another Week

Feb 29, 2024

Well this week has been good. I am still working out. Riding my bike. I walk my dog. I did some weights. It did feel good. I am happy to report that I have lost another pound. I know I need to lose soo much more. It just takes time. I know that. I am over being a fat woman. Some non scale. I can bend over easier. Yay. it doesnt hurt so much. Thank goodness for that. I feel like I can eat everything. i have not had dumping problems. Yessss. I just can not eat as much. Which is what I needed. I am feeling good. No loud food nosies. That has been a blessing. I am feeling like a normal person. I am just so happy about that. I am not where I want to be I want to be under 300 pounds. I am trying and not giving up. I have to push the thoughts of I dont want to work out. I try not to eat after 7pm. That is helping too. I am having an ok realtionship with food. 

Oh in april I am trying speed dating. That should be interesting 


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