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"Dr. Melvin has an excellent bedside manner. He was very easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable with him.rnrnThe only concerning point was that I asked him about nursing my baby after surgery. He told me that I should not have a problem doing so, but when his nurse practitioner heard about this, the NP brought me into his office and told me that I would have to wean or reschedule my surgery. Which left me wondering...should I listen to the surgeon or the staff? I feel that they should have totally been on the same page.rnrnPOST OP UPDATE:rnDr. Melvin did an excellent job on my surgery. My incisions are very small and smooth. He uses dermabond and staples instead of stitches, so my the incisions should disappear well. My only disappointment with Dr. Melvin is that I didn't see him during the entire experience. Vanderbilt is a learning hospital, and I only saw one of his assistants beforehand, and groups of interns later. I found it strange that he didn't come by to see me even once. I would assume that we was just tied up, as I know that he does scheduled surgerys on Mon and Tues, and emergency surgerys during the rest of the week. His assistant was nice and calming in pre-op, but she was a little rude after surgery. I think she just needs a little work on her bedside manner."

Vanderbilt Medical Center

"All of my nurses and "care partners" were great. My only complaint was that they don't respond to the nurse call button. The light would turn on and I wouldn't see anyone for over 1/2 an hour. I had to have my husband go find my nurse everytime. The lifeflight pad (helicopters) is very close to this floor, but it wasn't as annoying as I worried it would be. It flew a few times everyday, but it wasn't very loud. My room was a good size and private, but the chair for my husband to sleep in was terribly uncomfortable. I sent him home the 2nd night so he could actually get some sleep. The nurses were very good about not waking me up too much at night when they were doing my vitals. They always left the light off and I only had to be awake to get my temp taken. The rest I was able to sleep through. They weren't quick with the pain medications, but they were generous. They were always trying to stay ahead of the pain, so that was a great help. "
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