I was always a thicker figure girl which was ok with me. A few years ago I started to put on weight due to poor eating habits and portions that I now can say were too large.  Even though I tried to deal with it I had some health issues arise such as type 2 diabetes and a fatty liver. That was enough to scare me... I could not / would not live like this no more I knew I needed help! I want to live a long life and be there for my husband and kids. I started this journey in March and have learned so much already its unbelievable how much more energetic you feel when you eat properly and exercise  more often. I was very tossed  about which surgery I wanted to have but after  a lot of research I decided on  the sleeve. I am done with everything just waiting for workshops in June I have done better than I thought on my own and so look forward to this new start to a healthier life! 




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May 09, 2013
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